Mirotic HQ Music Video!!!!

i found this from one of my friend’s site… keke~

she upload it and here’s the download link…


TQ dbsksaranghae@multiply!!!!!

ADD: this is the link from me to download Mirotic video in SWF file… lol

i got you~ under my skin!



here are some scenes from the MV…

i just took them randomly..

yea.. and they are still so georgeous.. rofl

Yea~ because of Dong Bang Shin Ki oppa… we’ve been here for only 5 days and there are already 200++ ppl visit our precious blog!!!

congratulations~ … to us!!! euhahahahahaha~

kamsahamnida!!! Thank you for visiting our blog site!!!

plis do visit again at anytime.. we will sure provide you with the most updated news!!!

TQ Cassies!!!!


Edited: wow! this post has been visited for 200++! only this post! DBSK oppa really bring us alot of popularity.. lol… thx for everyone’s visit and plis be kind to leave some comment.. i’ll be super super super happy if if there are a lot of comments!! TQ!!!

– JiN



  1. Jolyin Said:

    thank you thank you so much ^_^ my eyes are tearing TT_TT
    and congtatulations fot the 200++ visit
    this is my first visit and i already sarang this blog for live XD

  2. anony Said:

    hi… i cant seem to dl it…

  3. supeng Said:

    thanks a lot.i have been finding a HQ Mirotic mv link since this afternoon.^^

    You saved my day! Much thanks again.<3

  4. AJ Said:

    thnx 4 de link.r DL thm nw…^_^

  5. Kyoko Said:

    DBSK totally rocks and I love there songs!!

    i was looking everywhere for this……THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! ^_^

  6. when looking for music videos, i always check out music videos with funny and sentimental content *

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