Yunho SAVED a girl!


DBSK Leader Uknow Yunho was on his way to work when he was followed by a group of fans.

While on the phone Yunho tried to cross the streets.
At the same time a girl happened to be crossing at the same light.

Unfortunately, she walked before the light changed. As a result a car came her way almost hitting her since the driver was too surprise to stop on time. Yunho, despite being on the phone noticed the situation and pulled her out of the way of the moving car before she was injured.

His act of kindness stirred up even more attention for DBSK\’s comeback to Korea.

Credits : DBSK forums @ Soompi

shen yue pop & Nikki@AF


Yunho oppa! FIGHTING!!!!

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3



  1. any2person Said:

    Yunho oppa is so heroic! I can’t believe they have the pic to prove it… Btw why the hell is he walking to work? Isn’t he afraid he’ll get raped? XD


  2. kpop-th Said:

    Yunho… is awesome!!
    How… heroic…
    True.. Why would Yunho walk to work??
    Wouldn’t he get like surrounded by Cass??

  3. any2person Said:

    Uknow has the most expensive car among DBSK but he walks to work.. i think maybe he is scared that.. something will happen to him like JunSu(?) JunSu ever had an accident when driving to work.. Kaka~ poor Xiah-Kun.. LoL
    – JiN

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