Our Siggys… and GIFs..

i just wanted to put this so that every one reading our blog can know who is actually posting that..

and of course.. some are GIFs i made for our blog SPAMMING!!!! lol


Chib3h’s Siggy

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


JiN’s Siggy

lol.. i got a lot since i love to make it so much…

1.    siggy.jpg picture by tamyjaejoong

2.     sig.gif picture by tamyjaejoong 

3.   my-own-siggy.gif picture by tamyjaejoong 



1.   spam1.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

2.   spam2.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

3.   spam3.gif picture by tamyjaejoong



OMG!!!! there are so many~ lol

But i like your Siggy more…. NaNa…

i need to look for more JunSu.. kaka!!

Micky FTW..  i know micky is cute.. but i cant take it from a lot of ppl… lol

JunSu Dolphin!!!! IS MINE!!!! ROFL


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  1. any2person Said:

    Unnie ah~ ur sigs very nice oh~ Lol u have lots of time to do ah?~ XD Also very expert odi ooo!

    Make one 4 me eh~ XD All mine have micky only liao~ XD


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