[pix] DBSK on Kim Jong Eun’s Chocolate

Dong Bang Shin Ki have made their fans laugh once again.

The group, who have just recently released their 4th album, 주문-미로틱(MIROTIC) featured and performed on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on the 27th of September.

The Dong Bang Shin Ki members shared many stories with MC Kim Jung Eun and their fans in the audience, making gestures towards the fans when responding to the MC’s questions.

While the members were sharing stories about how they have lived together since their debut, U-Know Yunho said “Since we all live together, our underwear always gets mixed up. Because of this, one of the members started to label his underwear.”

“And that member was U-Know Yunho.” Young Woong JaeJoong revealed, making Yunho feel awkward. (Puhahahaha~ YunJae <3) “Recently, our manager’s underwear has also gotten mixed up with our own. If our manager realises that we’re wearing his underwear and he gives it to us, we’re happy – but our underwear keeps disappearing.” the Dong Bang boys revealed, making their fans and the audience roll over with laughter.

When Kim Jung Eun asked who the dirtiest DBSK member was, DBSK replied “We all clean oftenly. But when we arrived in Japan, Junsu didn’t unpack the suitcase with his clothes in it. When compared to the rest of the members, Junsu is the laziest.” Yoochun also added, “Junsu planned on not unpacking his clothes at all, until we would have to leave.”

“In the end, Junsu never unpacked his clothes.” To which Junsu replied, “I didn’t need to unpack my clothes. I just wore other clothes which I’d put elsewhere!” causing the audience to burst into laughter once more.

At one stage, 7 year old blind pianist, Yoo Yae Un along with Super Junior Happy appeared on the show as special guests with their own performance. Dong Bang Shin Ki also performed five songs – The title song of their 4th album, 주문(MIROTIC), Love In The Ice, Balloons, Miduhyo (Trust me) and Hug – to the hot response of their audience.

‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate – Dong Bang Shin Ki Special’ will be broadcast by SBS at 12:30 am on the 1st of October.

Credits: Yahoo Korea

Translation Credits: Celestial_Crystal@TVXQ Australia

원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요
원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클하세요



Hahahahahahaha~ Uknow just labeled his underwear and Jae saw it… >ㅂ<

I wonder how their underwear got mixed up with the managers underwear?

I think their underwear kept dissapearing cause…

* The fans took it..

* the manager took it..

* JunSu put it somwhr else whr nobody can find it…


– JiN


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