Cassiopeia Incomparable..

it’s true…the Cassies….don’t doubt their love for oppas,don’t think they’re just crazy fangirls stalking their oppas…they really love oppas…for everything…

here’s what they got for oppas as gifts during their Comeback Stage at Inkigayo…i can only say they’re really very sweet!!they bought many albums,packed food,made photobooks blah blah blah….
so considerate….recently,the Cassies also donated to a charity organisation in the name of Leader-sshi,U-Know Yunho!!super shocking!!a total of 20 million was donated!!my jaws almost dropped!!>.<
the packaging of the gifts are really pretty and it’s really shocking how much time and effort they took to make these!!
oh yes!!another matter!the Cassies even recorded an album for oppas….composed and produced by the Cassies themselves!!now we can see again the power of fangirls!

anyway,let’s look at the gifts!!


Lick.gif picture by tamyjaejoongPhotobucket


They were just super stalkers i tell you…

Why giving them their own albums?? 115-60.gif picture by tamyjaejoong 

u bought so many albums u should gv some to us!!    21b1c38e53abe0_full.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

the undies… its very sweet.. they bought Emporio Armani for them! 633f06fd7e83f0_medium.gif picture by tamyjaejoong kakakakakakakaka~

i think they’ll be very happy for having new undies..  th32.gif picture by tamyjaejoong  yunjae.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

so oppas… dont fight for undies again.. better like uknow oppa.. label ur undies!!!! kakaka~

so now u got new undies!! Jae oppa.. u dont have to wear JunSu’s S-line undies annymore.. LOL

– JiN

siggy2.jpg picture by tamyjaejoong



  1. Han ^.~v Said:

    cass is amazing! but yeah… why would they buy the albums and send it to TVXQ themselfs? =/ doesn’t make any sense

  2. any2person Said:

    Hahaha~ Wasting money only… Should give it to the less fortunate cassies~ ^^


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