Rain is coming!

Love story teaser


Magic Feet is back!


Not that the news of Rain’s return to the k-pop scene is anything new, but its officially official with the release of his new teaser video, entitled, “Love Story”. Ha Ji-Won also stars in the music video.

This will be his first album under his new company J Tune Entertainment. Magic Feet is actually using his brain for once.  He has cleaned up very nicely by getting rid of the ajumma hair style. However, with younger rivals such as DBSK and Big Bang behind his back,  he’ll have to keep on his toes to even think of competing with them. I guess coming back to Korea and speaking his native tongue has helped him regain some of his brain cells.

Our Magic Feet has a busy schedule coming up as well, with his new special debuting on the 10th, on M.Net Countdown on the 16th, and performing at the Lotte Family Concert 2 days later…it seems we are going to be seeing much more of the shrimp-eyed wonder.

In the end of the teaser, somehow once again Rain ends up bloody. Oh well, rather this then those nasty pictures from Ninja Assassin floating around the internet.

More pictures and a longer teaser will be released October 2, 2008 but check out what has been released.

Credits : Popseoul


Why the hell does Rain have a nickname like magic feet I have no idea~ It’s so silly~ Whatever~ Looking forward to it!

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3



  1. any2person Said:

    LOL “shrimp-eyed wonder” kaka~ yea his eyes are small but.. it suits him.. that’s what make him famous..

  2. any2person Said:

    squinty eyes made him famous? Means unnie will be famous too la? XD


  3. any2person Said:

    who say my eyes are small!? they’re considered BIG!!!! atleast you can see my eyes….
    – JiN

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