So Hee does it again!

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On September 30, So Hee filmed a cameo for episode 8 of MBC’s newest sitcom, “That Person is Coming” at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center. There was reportedly a mob of fans gathered on location just to see the Wonder Girls maknae.

Our cute dumpling appears opposite the main character Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Yong) as his first love: “Mal Hee”. The actor is probably extremely happy about having So Hee play his love interest. Evidently, Jung Jae Young has expressed his affection for the Wonder Girls, especially So Hee through his show, Jae Yong’s Pure 19.

So Hee made her debut as an actress in last year’s “I Like it Hot” movie. She could be a triple threat, but her talents in acting and dancing far exceed her skills in singing.

Anyway, in the sitcom, Jae Young asks his twin sister, Jae Suk, to set him up with his ideal girl: Wonder Girls’ So Hee. However, Jae Suk instead sets up a date between Jae Young and Mal Hee who looks exactly like So Hee. (O goodness~) Mal Hee agrees to the date because she wanted a little amusement and money (500 won (about 40 cents) – she’s easy and cheap, just how Johnny likes ’em). Producer Kwon Seok explains:

“[So Hee] falls for Jae Young’s appearance in one look, and though the two feel all this love, it becomes a love that they can’t keep.”

See why when the episode airs on October 15 at 7:45 pm (KST)

Credits : allkpop


Waa~ ^^

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  1. krysti Said:

    who is this actor? how does he look like? im so anticipating to watch this! thanks

  2. any2person Said:

    This is So Hee of Wonder Girls. She already has a movie…. I don’t remember it though… Just look them up on Youtube~ ^^

  3. any2person Said:

    i think she’s asking bout the male actor… jung jae yong..
    i also don have any idea bout that guy..

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