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YooChun – “I was nearly scolded by JunJin hyung”

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Micky YooChun revealed that he came close to being scolded by JunJin.

On KBS2TV Show “Champagne” which will be aired on 4th October, Micky’s story about JunJin created an extraordinary eloquence and concern.

During “Dangerous talk, now I can say” corner around the topic “Senior – Junior relationship”, Micky said “It was long time ago, but I didn’t speak out before. Now I have enough courage to do so.” He obviously made everyone curious, and when MC Shin Dong Yup asked for the details, Micky revealed that “I was nearly scolded by JunJin hyung”, which shocked all the guests.

Micky recalled the day “I met JunJin by chance one day. It was the first time we had a drink together at a pub. When JunJin received a phone call, we secretly came to the bar and paid for the drink. When JunJin came back and knew it, he was strict and gave us a rough lecture: “You are juniors, I am senior, and I cannot pay for my drink ?”

Credit: MyDaily
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