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OMG~ 2 weeks!?

I can’t believe that we are actually going to stop posting for 2 weeks~


Now, this is what happened..

our school is actually making us to have our final exams on the PMR week..

PMR= Juniour secondary test, very important as it shows which class you are going to in form 4..

PMR week is suppose to be a week of holidays for secondary students (except those form 3 who are having PMR)..but our school made us have our final exam during PMR time… WTF!?

So~ we plan to stop posting just for 2 weeks.. cause we have to study and have exams for 10+ subjects…


we also planned a lot of new things that we are going to give away to our precious blog readers..

there are some ideas like

– Any2Pictures : a picture blog with loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of pixies..

– Any2Radio : a radio show by any2person, but not live.. it’s just recorded..

– Any2Downloads : a blog which tells you about the newest downloads and the links to it.

                                *  we will put multiple download links so that everyone can download.

AND THAT’S IT! please make sure that yourself is readyfor the BIG COMEBACK!! (eventhough its just 2 weeks..) I’ll sure miss my blog here.. just hope that i’ll pass my add maths.. (Lana: Me too..)

YoRoBun~ KiDaRyo~

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LoL “BIG” comeback.. we will be back for more KPOPs!!!!!

– JiN

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Changmin Almost Lost His Income Because of Junsu?

Dong Bang Shinki’s youngest member Choikang Changmin became the topic of conversation as he exposed that Xiah Junsu almost cut off his source of income.

DBSK, who made an magnificent comeback stage after a year and 7 months, appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun’s Champagene’ and talked skillfully.

During the ‘Shower Talk- It’s all because of you’ Choikang Changmin exposed that because of Xiah Junsu almost stole his source of income. What happened was that at their debut, Choikang Changmin held the cute image in the group, but Xiah Junsu came out with ‘Angel Xiah’ and took the cute image, resulting in Changmin not having any road to follow. Choikang Changmin revealed “Because of him, I just became the tall kid in Dong Bang Shinki”.

After that they revealed that “The members of Dong Bang Shinki had a big fight because we all had our own images but Xiah Junsu messed it up”.

You can see DBSK’s unstoppable talk on the 4th at 11:25 P.M. (for philiphines)


Aww~ you can’t blame JunSu’s cuteness..  LoL.. yea.. Now ChangMin can’t bethecute one anymore and he started to be more manly and mature.. i think JunSu haven’t tought of being CHARISMATIC that time.. kaka~ But now even Micky is getting cuter~ LoL! YooSu~

– JiN

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5th Asia Song Festival Bigger Than Ever

Celebrating its 5th anniversary Saturday, the Asia Song Festival concert proved to be bigger than ever with performances from 20 top singers and groups from 12 Asian countries.

Organizers estimated around 35,000 people attended the concert, including several thousand fans from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

It was a night of pop music, whether it was from boy bands, sexy divas, R&B singers and rockers. The concert opened with international popera singer Rose Jang belting out “All That Jazz.”

Korean boyband SS501 treated the crowd to two energetic dance numbers, followed by Hong Kong R&B diva Karen Mok’s performance.

“It’s great to be back in Korea,” Mok, who performed in the musical “Rent” in Seoul in 2006, told the crowd.

Chinese singer Anson Hu serenaded the crowd with a ballad. “It’s my first time in Korea. I’m very happy to see all of you,” he said.

Rising pop group SHINee elicited cheers from the crowd, as they performed their hit song, “You’re So Pretty.” SHINee and Japanese girl group Berryz Kobo received awards for Best New Artist at the festival.

While the concert was dominated by pop singers and groups, Rivermaya from the Philippines and Japanese singer Anna Tsuchiya injected a much-needed dose of rock music to the festival.

Rivermaya, a popular Filipino rock band, performed two songs “Nice To” and “You’ll Be Safe Here,” both of which were warmly received by the audience. Tsuchiya, who starred in the popular Japanese film “Kamikaze Girls,” gave a wildly energetic performance of her hit song “Rose.”

Korea’s top ballad singer Shin Seung-hun performed “I Believe,” a song from the popular Korean film “My Sassy Girl.” Agnes Monica, described as the Britney Spears of Indonesia, also attracted attention for her sizzling dance number.

Expectedly, the night’s biggest cheers were reserved for popular male groups, Fahrenheit from Taiwan, w-inds from Japan and TVXQ from Korea.

Fahrenheit showed off their strong dance moves, as they performed three songs, including the cheerful “New Home.” The group’s popularity recently soared around Asia after two of its members, Wu Chun and Jiro Wang starred in “Hana Kimi, a Taiwanese drama.

W-inds, a three-member R&B group, impressed their fans with their powerful singing and dancing. W-inds, who recently released their album “Seventh Ave.,” also performed their latest single for the first time in Korea.

The crowd became even more excited when TVXQ came out to perform songs from their new album “Mirotic,” including the title track and “Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down).”

With the slogan “Asia is One,” the Asia Song Festival has always been aimed at increasing cultural exchanges among Asian countries and promoting Asian music.

“The Asia Song Festival marks its 5th anniversary this year, having grown to become one of the biggest music festivals in Asia. The festival brings together artists from different countries, and creates a solid foundation for artists to become stars around Asia,” said Shin Hyun-taek, director of Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), which organized the festival.

Many of the Asian artists were participating in the festival for the first time, but hope to come back to perform for Korean fans again.

“We just had our tour in Hong Kong. We are just so honored to be here performing in this festival. All the fans here are so lovely and nice to us. We really hope one day we can have our own solo concert here and meet all the fans here,” Calvin Chen, a member of Fahrenheit, said during a press conference Friday.

The Asia Song Festival started in 2004 with only nine artists from seven countries, but has now become one of Asia’s biggest music festivals. Aside from Saturday’s main concert, there was also a free concert featuring young new pop artists from Asia on Friday, as well as the Asia Music Industry Leaders’ Forum.

Credits: favs@multiply
not really sure what happened to SNSD onnis… they didn’t say anything bout them..
Whoo~ DBSK!!! i hope they would sing “Crazy Love” and “You’re my melody”.. cause i’m kinda bored for listening to Mirotic and Hey! for too many times.. LoL
can’t believe Berryz Kobo got that best new artist award.. the 1st time i saw them, i was shocked for seeing them dancing monkey dance with skirts… and thats one of their theme songs.. Haha..?
– JiN
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