OMG~ 2 weeks!?

I can’t believe that we are actually going to stop posting for 2 weeks~


Now, this is what happened..

our school is actually making us to have our final exams on the PMR week..

PMR= Juniour secondary test, very important as it shows which class you are going to in form 4..

PMR week is suppose to be a week of holidays for secondary students (except those form 3 who are having PMR)..but our school made us have our final exam during PMR time… WTF!?

So~ we plan to stop posting just for 2 weeks.. cause we have to study and have exams for 10+ subjects…


we also planned a lot of new things that we are going to give away to our precious blog readers..

there are some ideas like

– Any2Pictures : a picture blog with loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of pixies..

– Any2Radio : a radio show by any2person, but not live.. it’s just recorded..

– Any2Downloads : a blog which tells you about the newest downloads and the links to it.

                                *  we will put multiple download links so that everyone can download.

AND THAT’S IT! please make sure that yourself is readyfor the BIG COMEBACK!! (eventhough its just 2 weeks..) I’ll sure miss my blog here.. just hope that i’ll pass my add maths.. (Lana: Me too..)

YoRoBun~ KiDaRyo~

any2combac.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

LoL “BIG” comeback.. we will be back for more KPOPs!!!!!

– JiN

siggy2.jpg picture by tamyjaejoong



chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


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