Another suicide

Amidst all the news about Choi Jin Shil (40) who committed suicide in her apartment bathroom on 2nd October, just a day after her death, another artiste Jang Chae Won (26) has also commited suicide.

Jang was found on 3th October, hanging by her neck in her apartment bathroom at 11pm Korean time.

Neighbours suspect that Jang’s death may be linked to her recent breakup with her boyfriend. But investigations are still being carried out.

Jang is more widely known as a transgender artiste after artistes like Harisu. Some also said that Jang has been undergoing a lot of stress after netizens starting leaving mean messages on her minihompy last year.

After the news of her death was known, many netizens left messages on her minihompy like, “I hope you will be reborn as a beautiful girl your next life.” etc.


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