Big Bang releases their 1st Japanese album!


Anticipated not only by the Japanese fans but also the Korean fans, Big Bang’s first Japanese album ‘Number 1′ will be released on online charts today afternoon.


And also Big Bang’s second concert tour ‘Stand Up Tour 2008′ , after their March concert tour, in Japan has received overwhelming response with all 3 concert performances already been sold out.

‘Number 1′ album will have a total of 8 song with 6 new songs in it. The new songs are said to be of a different music style as what Big Bang is used to produce in Korea. Already, the title song ‘Number 1′ has received heat responses after its reveal on online sites previously.

YG Entertainment said, “The song ‘Number 1′ is produced with the participation of Sweden producing team ‘Silverroom’, and it features GDragon and TOP’s rap that gives off the bouncy feel (?), TaeYang’s sexy vocal and also SeungRi and DaeSung’s more matured vocal. The Big Bang members have brought their new song to another level.”

“The album will also include ‘Make Love’ from TaeYang’s solo album as sung in the R&B version by all 5 members, ‘Everything’ and ‘Remember’ amongst other songs.”

“Just like their previous album, the songs are record in English. And we are proud of the album, and even if this was be released in American now, we will expect good critiques from it. This is one album which will prove itself not only within the boundaries of Japan.”

Credits: Sookyeong


Waaa~~~~ Cool!!! XD Hope they do well in Japan! ^^


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