Wonder Girls advance to US as actresses

WonderGirls will be advancing into American in 2009 as actresses and not just as singers.

WonderGirls were at PIFF on 4th October in Busan. They said, “Even though Wondergirls are participating as singers today, next year we will be involved in a big project in America possibly as actresses .”

And leader SunYe said, “We are currently preparing for a big project in America right now. With so much interest and concern for SoHee’s appearance in movie ‘I Like It Hot’, there are also plans for us in America next year.”

After that, a JYP representative said, “We are preparing for WonderGirls to advance into America not only as singers but also possibly as actresses next year. And Park Jin Young will be leading the girls, though much more cannot be revealed until we have finalised with the plan at a later stage.”


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