Jae Joong in Heaven’s Postman


Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo


Actress Han Hyo Joo is slated to play in the upcoming drama “Heaven’s Postman“, which is a joint collaboration between Korea and Japan and will be working with Hero JaeJoong of Dong Bang Shin Ki. The scriptwriting of “Heaven’s Postman” will be undertaken by Japanese screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, who also wrote “Long Vacation” and “Beautiful Life”. The director will be Lee Hyeong Min, who directed “Sorry I Love You” and “Snow Queen”.

This is the first time the two renowned writer and director will be collaborating together. As the male lead Hero JaeJoong enjoys a very high popularity in both South Korea and Japan, the drama has already attracted much attention since its preparatory stage. With the addition of Han Hyo Joo, who the Japanese viewers got to know from the drama “Spring Waltz”, the Japanese viewers are already eagerly waiting for the drama to air.

Hero JaeJoong plays as a postman who delivers letters for those who had passed away while Han Hyo Joo plays as his lover.

“Heaven’s Postman” is scheduled to begin filming in early November and both Hero JaeJoong and Han Hyo Joo are currently familiarizing with the script.

Source: mydaily


I think the girl is crazy… She’s going to have millions of anti-fans from all walks of life, all over the world… I don’t think anyone else would be as hated as her since…. since… ever… O_O I’m afraid she’ll commit suicide too! That’s a possibility..

 chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3





  1. Tohoshinkirocks Said:

    aww.. i don’t want jaejoongie to be with anyone other than Boa. I heard they have to kiss. T_T

  2. any2person Said:

    yes.. unfortunately.. JaeJae MUST kiss the girlin the drama.. but.. relax.. Jae kissed her just bcoz of the drama.. nothing else.. cant wait for the drama~
    – JiN

  3. Pani Said:

    You girls are stupid. He’s an actor so anything he portrays in the movie is pretty much acting. And BOA sucks. He needs someone better looking, better voice, someone realistic and not a Britney Spears wannabe!

    He’s HOT =]

  4. Tell Me Said:

    I think anyone who takes the series way to serious, and becomes an anti of her, is ignorant and should grow up. Personally, I really dislike any fan who became and anti because he or she hugged someone else. That is a lame and immature excuse.

    But what I really dislike most, is how many girls have a stupid state of mind, think that Jaejoong should only be with a girl who is to his level. There will never be any one girl to his level. Yes Jaejoong is handsome, but what I loath is the fact that girls along side men think that any good looking celebrity should be with another.

    Looks have nothing to do with anything. If people are singling out others because of the way they look, they are shallow. Open up your eyes. Stop seeing the things like the tv and many famous people portray them to be.

    There is no such thing that a girl who is size 2 is perfect. There is no such thing that a girl who has curves is fat. It’s all stupid things stupid people put in your head. Jaejoong can date/marry who ever he likes, as long as she is loyal and a good person than there is nothing wrong.

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