Show’s DBSK has been on [WITH LINKS]


[DBSK] 081001 PKL’s Starry Night Part 1 (ENG SUBS) =>

[DBSK] 081001 MBC Chinchin Radio Part 1 (ENG SUBS) =>

[DBSK] 081014 Tablo’s Dream Station P1 (ENG SUBS)=>

credit: jaynerox91@youtube

DBSG_Sukira 1/5 [Clear ENG SUB] =>

DBSG_ShinDong’s Radio 1/9 [ENG SUB] =>

DBSG_MC Mong’s Radio 1/5 [ENG SUB] =>

DBSG_PowerRadio 1/5 [ENG SUB] =>

DBSG_My Favs 1/4 [ENG SUB] =>

credit: ginaya@youtube


Family Outing
Yunho+Xiah Part 1 (a) [Eng Sub] =>

Yoon Dong Hyun’s Love Letter
~Love_L~ Part 1 [Eng Sub] =>

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@youtube

Happy Together
DBSK on Happy Together [Eng Sub, 1/4] =>

DBSK on Champagne, 10/4/08 [1/4] =>

credit: mickytoho@youtube

Kim Jeongeun’s Chocolate Show
DongBang on CCL 1 [EngSub] =>

credit: xiaholic@youtube

info. credit: mizzxtiffany@soompi

Also credits to : JaEjOoNgiELoVEr@imeem


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