Yozoh album ‘Oops’ sold out after 1 day release!

The title track “Oops” from singer Yozoh’s first full length album, ‘Traveler’ is gaining much popularity due to it’s interesting lyrics and sensuous melody.

‘Casker’ ‘Humming Urban Stereo’ ‘Sentimental Scenery’ ‘Jaejoo Boys’ ‘Lucite Tokki’ and along with the ability of other all-around talented musicians, Yozoh’s ‘Traveler’ expresses life’s little treasures through her own sensibility.

The title track, “Oops” is a charming lovers poem in which “Oops” is an expression used.

Moreover, even the music video of movie “My Wife Got Married” which features Yozoh’s “Morning Star” is much talked about along with her fresh new track, “Eat Breakfast and Ding.”

Credits : Newsen & seoulfull


Wow~ I wanna check this out~

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


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