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Yoochun & Yunho MC on Music Core

Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo and Micky YooChun were MCs for MBC Music Core for a day.

UKnow YunHo and Micky YooChun stood in for Big Bang SeungRi and DaeSung as MC for a day for Music Core which is set to air on 25th October, MC’ing opposite Solbi. SeungRi and DaeSung were unable to MC for the day as they are in Japan for their concert performance.

Micky YooChun said, “It’s been so long since I last did MC, and I am nervous about it.”

Credits: Sookyeong


Waaaa~~~~ ^^ Oppa, so cool! Kekeke~ I see some HoChun moments!!! Kyaa~~~

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The Beatles Reborn?

Super Junior members Kang In and Hee Chul aimed to reproduce a perfect replica of the legendary rock group, Beatles.

Together with Trax members, Jay and Jung Mo, they transformed into the world famous rock group on the first broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Band Of Brothers’ airing on October 25th. They performed dressed exactly like the Beatles, right down to the straight bangs and trademark black attire.

With their public performance, they also revealed their transformed looks with Kang In transforming into Paul McCartney, Hee Chul as Ringo Star, Jay as John Lennon and Jung Mo as George Harrison.

Kang In, Hee Chul, Jay, and Jung Mo have in fact known each other as friends for over 6 years and have been very close therefore the Beatles was the ideal fit.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull

Cool, the beatles~ Kekekeekeke~

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