Full House Sequel!


As one of the most popular Korean dramas ever made, Full House charmed audiences all over Asia. Song Hye Gyo and Rain became mega stars virtually over night.

The production company of this popular drama revealed on the 24th of October that Full House 2 has been in the works for the past two years, and the script of the first four episodes has already been completed. If all goes according to plan, Korean fans can expect the drama to air in August, 2009.

The representative also revealed that only one of the stars of the first series will be returning. This means we will either be seeing Song Hye Gyo, or Rain, but not both. I’m sure the quirky and adorable chemistry between the two will be missed by many. It is also rumored that the company is working on bringing in a Chinese actor, possibly a member of the former Taiwanese group F4, which has been renamed JVKV in 2007.

That wouldn’t be such a bad idea, since F4 was the TVXQ / DBSK of the early 2000’s, and they have had much practice in acting since Meteor Garden.

Credits: allkpop


chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


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