Johnny’s Entertainment to expand into Korea

Arashi Johnny's Entertainment

It looks like SM Entertainment won’t be the only one benefiting from expansion into other countries. Just as SM Entertainment is the most dominant record label in Korea with their Allstar lineup, Johnny’s Entertainment is SM’s equivalent, if not superior, producing the top teen idol bands in Japan.

We’ve all seen the large boom in Korean entertainment throughout Asia these past couple years, especially with BoA and TVXQ in the Japanese market. Well, Johnny’s Entertainment and their hit groups such as Arashi, SMAP and NewS have also been growing quite a strong following in Korea.

Many Korean’s prefer the Japanese pop groups because:

“The way a Japanese idol matures along with their fans starting from their junior days, is an amazing thing. There are many Korean fans that prefer Japanese idols instead of the Korean idols that debut perfected.”

In any regards, Johnny’s Entertainment will be opening a Korean office shortly, which seems to be due to Arashi’s huge Korean following, approximately 200,000 fans.

Credits : allkpop


 Waaa~~~ This is cool…. Not many Japanese stars actually go international so this is kinda like a first I guess! FIGHTING!

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


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