Why Super Concert was cancelled

Fans were left stunned after Super Concert, which was set to have performing artistes like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior Happy, Jun Jin and Min Gyung Hoon, was cancelled just a day before the concert on 25th October.

The organizers to the concert finally came clear with the reasons to the abrupt cancellation – cashflow problems, which is partly and quite clearly linked to the shrinking music industry over the years.


It was not just the Korean fans who were left disappointed, hundreds of overseas fans from Taiwan for example had already bought their air tickets, applied for leave and were already in Seoul. But they never would have thought that the concert would become a non-event.

Super Concert was scheduled to take place at the Bucheon Stadium on the 25th. But on the afternoon of 24th, a notice came out saying that it was cancelled. This was followed by a representative of S.M FanClub posting a notice on the website to say sorry and expressed that because the organizers failed to adhere to stipulations stated on the contract, so they had no choice but to pull DBSK and Super Junior Happy away. They sincerely apologize to all the fans who have been anticipating and waiting to see the concert.

According to sources, the main reason for the Super Concert cancellation was because the sponsors ran into some financial problems and couldn’t pay up the appearance fees for the performers. Up till the day before the concert, the performers had no choice but to pull out after not receiving any payment. The performers no-show also meant that the concert had to be cancelled.

Korean entertainment companies who are already suffering severe cashflow problems because of the rapidly shrinking music industry in Korea, has been hit even harder by the economic crisis currrently affecting the world.

The MBC Big Music Fiesta in Ulsan scheduled for 11th October earlier this month was also cancelled because of the same reason. This is the second time that Super Concert has been cancelled, causing some inconveniences to fans. Refunds and complaints lodged with the organizers are still unresolved.

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I read that there was actually a pre-show on 24th October itself but the relative artistes management knew about the situation and so pulled their artistes out of the show.

If anything, I would think that organizers should have lias with the sponsors more closely since it is the case so, this will probably make fans think twice and hold them back the next time another of such concerts is to be held, definitely not something the organizers want.

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Those poor fans… O_O They were looking forward to it too…. Reminds me of the FT Island concert that was cancelled in Malaysia

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