OMFG!!! ChangMin has a GIRLFRIEND!?

DBSK’s baby, Changmin confessed that he dated his first love after his debut during the KBS radio show “Hong Jin Kyung’s K-pop Plaza.”  The clever Shin Ki skirted all relevant questions that might reveal her identiy and just shared that she wasn’t a celebrity.

So, the question of the day – did you date Changmin when he was still a K-pop newbie?

credits tto:seoulbeats+candylimp.multiply


T^T aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~ NO WAY!!! He has a GF!? im so sad.. don’t even have chance anymore.. Jae got his first kiss, and he had a gf adi… GGRR!

OKAY! atleast now he won’t get laugh at just bcoz he never had a lover.. no wonder he can write those lyrics for “Love In The Ice” korean ver….

– JiN


  1. Lena Said:

    am so feeling you… & it’s no wonder he composed Evergreen geez that boy got kissed by a girl… lucky girl… T^T

  2. mishy_bishy Said:

    omg r u serious????
    who’s da girl?

  3. any2person Said:

    well.. this is true.. if u watch “Come To play”, he said that he had his first kiss after he was debuted and the girl made the move instead of him.. when he was peeling a fruit!! hahahaha~ his pose when peeling the fruit is like an Ajumma.. which is attractive.. LoL.. don be sad.. i’ve overcome it.. no one knows who’s the girl.. if you watch the show too, you’ll love junsu’s love story.. i cried bcoz of that.. its just too touching.. i love my JunSu baby..


  5. Kiva Said:

    I think he is lying about that. xD

  6. any2person Said:

    but he really admit it on tv..

  7. JUliee Said:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL MEE! I thought he had no ‘lover’ before! In the same interview he also said he never kissed before! (He probably did TwT’) If anyone knows the link to ‘that’ aswell, give me the link to that, too

  8. Jessica jess Said:

    yeah. I think its true. Its imposible if a man with 21 years old has not girlfriend. Im also sad bout that but if changmin happy im also. At come to play show changmin also said that he ever got first kiss with someone.

  9. TVXQfanGirl Said:

    Awe! I think it’s cute, but my fan-girl mind is going into jealous mode. X3 Lol!!

    I’m happy he can find someone that makes him happy! Weird as it may be. X3

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  11. Wei
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  16. any2person Said:

    xD convo with Changmin?
    ok.. have fun.. xD

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  23. I want to be the important lover and last lover of max`s lover

  24. Weghy Said:

    Changmin is cute n I think changmin is a perfect……Oppa changmin saranghayeo

  25. oya chan Said:

    That`s too impossible.

  26. Unnamed =3 Said:

    now now, girls, what’s this fanaticism?
    and fantasising as well?
    stop and think that Shim Changmin is way too far for anyone of us to get to him, unless he comes to us, which is pretty impossible.
    Lets just support him and DBSK, wish they don’t seperate, and hope they go well, but…get a grip, he’s not yours or anyone’s!!! xD
    hehe =3

  27. I hate this girl

  28. may Said:

    omg that girl above is so fanatic.
    i mean, what’s up with d monolog?
    gosh u r so scary girl, get a grip.
    i think changmin is cute but he is not my type, too prettypretty face.
    he is a good singer though..but i prefer xiah’s voice.
    about changmin having a girlfriend i think its ok.
    its not against d law or something but yeah for d fans, its really heartbreaking.
    still each member of d band should deserve a normal life :))

  29. antinisha Said:

    guys changmin is the one for me and he is my type so sorry for you guys we have all and comment

  30. Natolie Said:

    I think that it is so adorable that he has a gurl. Besides he’s happy. AND i’m also gratefull and happy for him. :3

  31. Hikari Lee Said:

    Oh, Gosh!!!
    Is that true??
    Who’s that girl??
    So lucky girl…

  32. Shim Hyun Seok Said:

    He also said recently that his first kiss was with Jae… Sow how could he possibly said that he kissed another girl before when he said he firstly kissed Jae?
    Anyway, if you read through the lines, you’ll see that some of stories are fake, and I don’t know where do I got this from, but some of a Korean Idol said that their managers and stuff tell them to say some fake stories or fake past happenings just to make them more attractive and cute ^^.
    You can see when they are fake and when not… And they are really ok so I don’t get why their “boss” order them to lie, when it’s obvious that their real stories are funny and cute, and their personalties are more interesting…
    Anyway, I obviously don’t thing that Min has a GF…

  33. Ellie Said:

    Oh come on girls! Did you seroiusly think he never had à gf before? He’s 21 years old for gods sake!
    You are just too funny… Did you honestly think that he is ment to be like a 50years-old-virgin or somethin’?

    Hey, do u guys know if he has à gf now, or if he likes somebody?

  34. okay.... Said:

    THAT GIRL BETTER BE GOOD AND TREAT HIM WITH HUGE RESPECT AND LOVE! I am kind of jealous of her, but I just want Changmin to be happy, he deserves so much!!! So that girl better make him very happy!! Or I’ll kill her!

  35. Ibadat Said:

    hi CHANGMIN …whats u ???

  36. Ibadat Said:

    oh sorry…. i mean WHATS UP DEAR???

  37. AwesomeAsian >:3 Said:

    o-o Wow, lots of comments. Haha, I know no one cares but I think that it’s great that he has a girlfriend and it’s even better that she isn’t a celebrity. If she was everyone would know who she is, even though it’s none of anyone’s concern. There are some crazy fans out there that would hate her and torment her for it, but hopefully that doesn’t happen. Everyone deserves someone special and just because he’s popular doesn’t he should sacrifice that for his fans. I hope he finds happiness as well as everyone else. 😀 Including myself, not that I’m bragging in some twisted way but I broke up with my boyfriend awhile ago and now am finding someone better, but this is sure taking longer than I thought it would. Pushing that aside, if you love her, ChangMin, than stay with her and don’t let anyone get in the way. :3

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