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“R-eal”ly cute?

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R-eaL is a new idol group from Sponge Entertainment (same as Jang Woo Hyuk) that will debut this June. R-eaL consists of Yoon (25), Jin Woong (20), Chang Hyun (20), Insuk (20), Sang Il (18). Check out their profile below and more pics HERE>>>>

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They also did an interview on a Japanese variety program on May 29. Here are some highlights:

 # What sets apart R-eaL from the typical idol group?
Chang Hyun: What makes us different from the typical idol group is that our music has a J-POP feel to it. It’s a different feel to other Korean idol groups.
Jinwoong: Although we haven’t debuted yet, we have a lot of fans in the Phillipines, Thailand, and Japan. We have respective fan blogs and fan clubs. We gained fans since out trainee days.

… Jin woong is a student in the class of 2006 at Yonsei University (a very prestigious university in Korea), majoring in architectural engineering.

#Is there a group that is a role model?
… We want to be like Arashi, to get closer to our fans through acting and participating in variety shows.

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this is an old article i found… but.. i just found out but this group.. i never heard of it and they say that they’re more to Jpop.. since i’m not a Jperson.. i don’t know them.. i’m a Kperson and i didn’t even know them.. so, u can actually know how “famous”they are.. but i just wana share wif u guys coz.. atleast they look handsome.. better looking than 2PM.. LoL maybe you’ll get interested wif them, but i will still stick to DBSK..

they look like girls.. especially that blondy.. well.. i still think my JunSu is cuter~

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– JiN

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