Drama Festival Excellence Award Winner; Han Ji Hye

It has been decided that actress Han Ji Hye will receive the Excellence Award For A Female Actress at the ‘3rd 2008 Korea Drama Festival Awards’ taking place on November 1st

Han Ji Hye performed as Na Dan Poong in the KBS drama, ‘I Hate You, But It’s Fine’ then moved onto the recent role of a heroine crossing the paths of two men in MBC’s ‘East Of Eden.’

Han Ji Hye has managed to cast aside her previous cheerful image and stepping out of her comfort zone has transformed as an actress.

The actress stated that she was “filled with deep emotion about the unexpected award.” And adding, “I wish dress in good clothes and express my thanks to everyone.”

Furthermore, the drama ‘Beethoven Virus’ with actor Kim Myung Min currently active in the role as Kang Mae Ae was selected as the grand prize award winner.

Source: Go News
Credit: seoulfull


I love this actress…. Even if she does act overly cute sometimes but she’s awesome actor…

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


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