02.11.08 – Changmin’s UFO replies

Fan: I need to sleep early so I won’t be tired at school tomorrow…Tell me to sleep.. T_T
Changmin: Go to sleep…

Fan: Did Changmin oppa eat yet?
Changmin: Yep~

Fan: Oppa, when I was on the bus I saw a guy who had the same hair as Junsu oppa, haha, Junsu oppa really is the one who fits that hairstyle the most…?? Haha~
Changmin: Haha, ^^ Is it really like that?? ^^

Fan: Do you want this <3, or this ¡î?
Changmin: This…

Fan: I just came back from a late review, it’s so cold outside T__T
Changmin: The wind really is cold ^^

Fan: Oppa is really handsome!! If it’s like that, am I pretty?
Changmin: The direction of this question is kind of weird…?

Fan: Oppa, people who look like oppa in my class…none!
Changmin: Ah…;;;

Fan: Changmin oppa, how come you didn’t shake my hand yesterday at the Flower Lady event? T_T Is it because I didn’t buy you good food to eat? Haha~
Changmin: No;; I didn’t shake hands with anyone? I can’t give anyone special treatment…

Fan: Aha, really? You didn’t shake hands with anyone? I thought it was only me, thank you~
Changmin: You only didn’t do this with me…you only did this with me…throw away these kinds of thoughts~

Fan: I’ll marry Yoohun oppa in two years, wait for me… ><
Changmin: Does Yoochun hyung know about this..- _-

Fan: My stomach is really full, but my mouth is hungry…should I eat or not?
Changmin: Don’t eat, eating at night is bad for your body.

Fan: (sends over a picture of Changmin when he was little) How come you’re still exactly the same now…haha, so cute!
Changmin: Hahaha…

Fan: Oppa, I cooked lobster soup, do you want to marry me?
Changmin: This…people don’t judge marriage based on these kinds of things…

Fan: Changmin oppa, I got a UFO reply yesterday!!!
Changmin: Hahaha….

Fan: Ah, I really want a small dog…
Changmin: Discuss it with your parents…

Fan: Oppa! I miss you guys a lot, but I wasn’t picked…T__T I’m really sad and lonely T__T
Changmin: Fighting!

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net)
Source: ÏÐÈË×é + Mr. TVXQ

Credits: yunho-sshi.com


Once again…. Changmin never fails to give witty responses~ lol~ ^^

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3

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