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SNSD Sunny — IJeSeoYa (Story Of Wine OST)

Everyone says SNSD’s Sunny is just using her niece-uncle relationship to get into SM.. but i dont think so.. She’s really talented and she will shine! This song is the OST for Story Of Wine, she follows the footsteps of their beloved Leader— TaeYeon and start singing OSTs.. TaeYeon and Sunny are gaining more popularity not just by singing OSTs, but also by Radio shows that are host by them and SuJu’s Kang In and Sung Min. Chin Han Chin Gu AKA ChinChin Radio is hosted by TaeYeon and KangIn while Chun Bang Ji Chuk AKA ChunJi Radio is hosted by Sunny and SungMin.. both popularity are increasing nowadays and we hope to see more from them too~

p.s. : congratulations DBSK and TaeYeon for being nominated in Golden Disk Award!!

here’s the video:


WhOo~ Sunny sings like an angel!!


IU ——- New artists from LOEN ent.

I heard about this girl from my friend.. they said that she is just 16.. just like me… im really impressed by her voice,but the video is freakin scary.. here’s the video if u havent watch it.. downloads will be uploadded soon…’s some info bout her album..

Singer: IU 아이유
Title: Mia 미아
Release Date: Sept 2008

01. 미운 오리 “Ugly duckling”
02. 미아 “Mia”
03. 있잖아 “You Know”
04. Feel So Good
05. Every Sweet Day
06. 미아 “Mia” (MR)


enjoying her songs.. its really nice..

– JiN