Mirotic Tsunami!!!

When something is popular.. we add “wave” to the back.. etc: korean wave

When something is serious, and is infecting other people.. its called a Tsunami etc: economy tsunami (global economy crisis)


everyone is so infected but the Mirotic Tsunami!!!!

there are thousands of videos ppl covering Mirotic in youtube and other video channels..

Mirotic in Nature, Mirotic in Art gallery, Mirotic tutorials, mirotic parody, mirotic cover, mirotic dance, artists mirotic cover, artists sings mirotic, mirotic mirotic mirotic!!

even im into the mirotic thing.. its so addictive.. neon nareul wonhae~ neon naege bajyo~ neon naege michio~ heyo nalsuobso~ i got u~ under my skin!


Mirotic dance version~


yoochun not only kills female.. he kills male too.. watch this video.. a male fan shouted “YooChun, please marry me!!”


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