MC dissed DBSK and calls JaeJoong Gay?

an article from internet:

Kim Kura HATES DBSK A LOT. Cursed them on a radio station.
Kim Kura kept cursing Jae Joong as a GAY (WHICH HE IS NOT)
He also cursed Harisu [famous Korean transsexual] (so what? people still likes her)
Some people said it didn’t happened recently but 2 years ago.
but was recently uploaded on youtube.

Here is the video.

BY : JaeHo2JaeMinLuvBoth4

Credits : LJ


hmm… i guess when this news came out.. every fan of dbsk’s will be anti-ing him.. that KimKura guy must becareful of the fans.. who cares bout him.. he’s evil.. the producer shud find other ppl to host the show.. and i thought he’s a gud guy.. or he is jus acting to be nice in the show Line Up? anyway.. this is just what i got.. but i havent got any proof bout it..

– JiN



  1. renzus Said:

    This Kim Kura is just mean. However, I was really bugged by the fact it was stated here deliberately, that Jaejoong is NOT gay. I’m not bashing or anything and neither am i saying he IS gay, but how did you know/confirm that he’s really not? are you his confidante?

    Look, these are mere rumors, and neither of us knows the truth, only Jaejoong does. So it’s not credible enough if you say he is NOT gay when in fact you don’t actually know. This might just equate to the account if I were to say that HE IS GAY, you know why? Because NEITHER OF US knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Have a nice day. Peace.

  2. ase Said:

    kim hura is notorious for his ‘poisonous tongue’…
    he have prolly said bad things about almost everyone in the industry….lol

  3. maria Said:

    he so crazy say jae joong guy ,jae joong so handsome and protected to women i.hate to kim hura

    jae joong sarangheyo

  4. hey kim kura ur so stupid what do you think of urself? PERFECT…?

  5. ,ei kim kura what do you think of yourself “PERFECT?”
    ,jaejoong is one of the famous star in the world that shine as fast as a horse…
    ,what about you kim kura can you describe yourself…~?

    ♥ kim jaejoong SARANGHEYO!!!!!!♥

  6. run Said:

    If JJ is gay or not gay and so what!!! big deal !!!!.

    Concern about yourself Mr.Kim!!! , you poor guy with little heart, and so selfish!!!!

    JJ never did something bad or evil that many many straight guys do,
    he can make me laugh and smile many times that other guys can’t,
    so he is gay or not!! The fact is He is a very nice person million times than you be.

  7. Reikon Said:

    Gay? Not Gay? So what? Gay is despicable, right???? Go To Hell!!!!!
    How about “bastard”? Is it shameful? YOU DREGS!!!!!!
    I wish I can kill him NOW. Stop it, or he will be killed by DBSK’s Fan.
    Worst wishes for you, MR.Kim~~~

  8. youku tenio Said:

    só o que eu quero é o hero

  9. fairy Said:

    Puhahaha,that is the best joke I ever heard since I am fan…ok let me guess, if jae is gay why the heck he would hook up with jessica?just for appearence? oh no wait he is bisexual 😉 ugh, i really dont understand why would you judge a book by covers!this is a sweet guy, an artist with a great voice isnt what we should be talking about?! i think mr kim wanted to date jaejoong and he refused saying he is not gay ,and now mr kim wants revenge hahaha just a thought 🙂 hwaiting jae!!!

  10. soyoung Said:

    ^ Jaejoong with Jessica? NOW THAT IS A JOKE.
    sorry girl.
    anyway, having a girlfriend doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    BUT yeah, gay or not, JJ is a very very nice person.

    What I want to know is why he focused on Jaejoong?

  11. he seriously barked at the wrong tree, right cassies? (smiles sweetly)^_^

  12. Johnny Said:

    Thank you for this, appriciated!
    תיירות גאה

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