Mirotic C cannot be sold to fans under 19?

今有韩饭前往韩一大型唱片连锁店’教辅订购’购买4辑C版 结果被告知4辑将不向未满19岁的未成年出售
目前只有唱片店禁止向未满19岁未成年出售 在线音源网站没有做出任何反映

但是据消息 从08年12月4日起 不管是唱片店还是在线音源都将全面禁止向未满19岁未成年出售

未成年如需购买 必须由父母或周围成年人陪同才能购买

韩饭已打电话问询SM SM方面目前还不了解此情况




its said that the 4th album cannot be sold to people under 19.
korean fans realized it when the went to CD shops for the 4th album ver.C and they were told about it.
the under 19 thingo is currently only restricted in CD shops. which means if you ordered online its alright.
and it only can be purchased with parents or someone older.
korean fans have contacted SM entertainment but nothing is confirmed right now.
it is also said that SM entertainment knows about this under 19 thingo.
and lastly its said that the lyrics of JUMON/MIROTIC is not for people under 19
and thats the reason for implementing the under 19 thingo

According to a reliable source,from december 4th onwards, regardless of cd shops or online purchasing, purchase would only be limited to person over the age of 19.

credits: Source – DNBN TRANS – dance_vibrant + min_60@soompi


i think this is evil.. im not even 19.. those evil shops are making their sales number drop! and that’s super evil!! however.. i dont really think LSM would do that bcoz he wants to make more money from them… WTF!? the lyrics are not suitable for under 19? are you stupid or somethg? the lyrics are just attractive.. it doesnt even say about anythg bad! you want the lyric translations!? stupid..

– JiN


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