TaeYeon was hospitalized

[21.10.08] TaeYeon was Hospitalized

TaeYeon, member of SNSD was sent to hospital on the 20.10.08

The Report said that, her sore throat got worse as she had to go to hospital

So, in that night, she can’t work in her radio with KangIn

and SooYoung replaced her in that night.

Creditted to Swellow (http://swellow.tistory.com/129?srchid=BR1h…story.com%2F129)
Special Thanks to mimiirin@GGTH
Thai Version by MIIE3IIW@GGTH @ http://board.girlsgeneration-th.com/index.php?showtopic=8051
English Translation by MIIE3IIW@SSF

According to this report, there pretty much of netizen talking about the new date of releasing 2nd album,
they said that it maybe release in December (WOㅅOV)
But this release date still not be proof anyway.
i know this is an old one.. but i hope that tae tae will get well soon~ saranghae~
– JiN


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