DBSK Drawings and new year wishes


Top: JunSu, JaeJoong, YunHo

bottom: YooChun, ChangMin

Junsu: I’d almost couldn’t find his cow. I think he should be given a bigger sheet of paper next time XD
Jaejoong: His cow is freaking waving at us o_o unless that’s the tail.
Yunho: He must be hungry that time ._. poor cow. It ain’t a good year for it, ne?
Yoochun: Cow. has. eyelashes. Oh god. Chun, tho I love you very much but srsly eyelashes?!
Changmin: He wrote, “Looks delicious…,” underneath his aneroxic cow XD


LOL!! i totally fell in love with their cute cows~~~~

OMO!!! ChangMin ate his cow?? xD everythg is so cute~~~

– JiN


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