Crown J and Seo In Young announces “divorce”in newspaper

The Ant couple Crown J – Seo In Young from MBC star wedding variety We Got Married placed a “divorce” notice in local newspapers, announcing their impending departure in their own style from the variety show today.

The notice wrote (translated by gomdorii):

The Ant couple is breaking up,
thanks you guys for giving us so much of your love during that time

To my hubby ant who pretended to love me for the year!

Crown J!! I was really happy… and thank you.

– From the wife of the ant hubby in We Got Married, In Young

On the 22nd, Seo In Young appeared on the live radio broadcast on MBC Radio’s (91.9Mhz) ‘Jungoh’s Hope giving song’ and expressed her thanks to Crown J with whom she had been a pretend couple with for an year on We Got Married. She shedded tears as she read out her letter to Crown J and listening to listeners’ requests. In Young also revealed that she had prepared a special event during their last day of filming for We Got Married.


This is so sad.. i hope they’ll stay forever.. a cute ant couple..

oh well… enjoy the last episode..

p.s.: i bet both of them are starting to love each other.. xD

– JiN


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