Lee Jae Won and female trainee clears up rape confusion

Former H.O.T member, Lee Jae Won who was accused of rape last Friday by a female trainee, gave his side of the story in a phone interview yesterday.

In a phone interview with Edaily SPN, Lee Jae Won pleaded his innocence at being misunderstood by everyone, “I swear to God that I did not force or lure Kim (the female trainee) to drink alcohol. Nor did I resort to violence. Despite the numerous news reports which say otherwise (false reporting) and caused me lots of hurt, I have to say sorry for creating such a ruckus. I hope that the other party will not suffer any hurt because of this whole issue as well.”

According to Lee Jae Won, he explained that on 10th December, he was with the female trainee, his manager and another person named Lee. All 4 were together drinking until the very end. The female trainee, Kim was dead drunk and couldn’t control herself anymore. Lee Jae Won and his manager could only bring Kim to a motel near her home in Yeoksam. Kim’s outer jacket was a mess with her vomitting, so they took it off and washed it before leaving together. But Kim misunderstood the whole thing and the rape allegation followed.

Lee Jae Won was hauled up for questioning on the morning of 19th December but reached an agreement with Kim at noon to settle the issue. But the agreement did not reach the police station until the late hours and Lee Jae Won was only released from custody and cleared of all charges by 11.15pm.


The following is a translation by fULL_mOOn@Soompi of a message by the female trainee, Kim to Lee Jae Won’s management company, expressing her regret over what had happened and clearing the misunderstanding.

“On the night of 9th December, I met with 2 managers of the company and also Lee Jae Won. We went out to have some drinks and after one of the managers left, the rest of us continued to drink till I got drunk and was vomiting continuously. As such, Jae Won Oppa and the other manager was worried about my health but unsure of the exact location of my house and thus they sent me to the motel. I was alarmed the next morning, when I found out that I was in a motel! Those who left the night before had also played a prank on me and thus the misunderstanding was even deeper. I thus, sued Lee Jae Won and the 3 managers but later withdrew my appeal after knowing the truth.

I felt that there is a need for me to speak up since there was misinterpretion between the news and the truth. I grew up listening to H.O.T and hope to build a friendly hoobae – sunbae relationship with Jae Won oppa. I sincerely hope that this would not affect H.O.T’s reputation and Jae Won’s solo activities.”


em.. i hope he really didnt rape that trainee.. coz..

he’ll sure make korean entertainment industry look bad..

– JiN


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