Rain Showed Off His Muscular Figure Worth a Million Dollar

Rain was transformed as a fashion model, he showed off his muscular figure worth a million dollar.

Rain, singer, whose fashion pictorial was revealed by ‘Six To Five’, clothing brand, under JTune entertainment, Rain’s agency.

Rain returned from Cebu of Philippines after shooting his ‘Six To Five 2009 S/S’ fashion pictorial, he assimilated the stylish & traditional casuals clothes which are significant of European sensibility, and he nicely expressed his classical feeling filled with a chic and temperate edge.

Rain took his impressive pose that he spreaded the logo of ‘Six To Five’ and showed it, and his figure worth a million dollar made the clothes of ‘Six To Five’ show up more.

Meanwhile, as ‘Six To Five’ launching show, considered to be ‘the fashion concert of the new ideas’, is arresting eyes of the fashion and concert concerned, it is expected to show the attraction of 4 colors, red, blue, white, and black.

Rain is going to show his fantastical fashion show harmonized with each color concept and to give a mini concert with his remix version songs never heard before.

JTune entertainment, Rain’s agency, said, “Rain’s best card is in progress for giving his fans the best present at the end of the year. What Rain’s concentrating his energies on this concert like all night meeting or dance practice is out of all knowledge.”

This concert’s curtain will rise in the 4th hall of Kintex, Ilsan on the 23th from 7pm, all the super luxury VIP stars are expected to join and celebrate it.

Credit: Newsen
Translation by: rain bird@rain-eu


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