SeungRi’s love cry for Xiah JunSu

Seungri’s Love Cry for TVXQ’s Xiah JunsuSeungri first fell in love with Junsu after watching him sing “so very passionately,” during one of TVXQ’s live performances. Ever since that magic moment, a sparkle formed in Seungri’s eye and he has since wanted to become closer with the talented idol singer. Unfortunately the opportunities just kept slipping by, as Junsu was becoming closer with the other members: Daesung and Taeyang. These emotionally devastating chain of events, eventually led to Seungri breaking down and desperately broadcasting his love cry for Xiah Junsu, over a live radio broadcast.

This is probably one of the worst cases of an obsessed fan girl, ever. Well, whatever floats your boat, “Strong Baby.”

Source: johnnydorama @ALLKPOP
Shared by: xietinloveshero


On the January 15th airing of MBC’s FM “ShimShimTapa,” Big Bang member Seungri stated, “I want to be closer with TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu.”


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