Message from DBSK to cassiopeia

I think you all know what we¡¯re thinking¡¦ I think we¡¯re thinking the same.
We¡¯re only thinking from our poing to perspective, like, you miss us because we went to Japan, we¡¯re sorry because we made you wait.
But if we think differently (opposite).. apologetic because you sent us, apologetic because you can¡¯t wait for us, worried that we¡¯ll be forgotten.
Although we were like that too, we were really worried about being forgotten.

If it wasn¡¯t for you (if you had forgotten us).. I don¡¯t think we would have been able to do it.
Will you keep waiting for us?
I know I shouldn¡¯t really say this but, please crazily wait for us/ wait for us like crazy.
And we¡¯re really going to try our very very very best from now, it¡¯s five years now.
I think there¡¯s at least another 20 years left before we¡¯re finished. You will wait for us, right?


Since we¡¯re so busy in Japan we catch up on things through the internet. And there are a lot of cases where we find stuff out through the internet.
It¡¯s still like this, we¡¯re all very positive so we try and not to pay attention to the comments people write and stuff, but then a year passes.. and people keep looking at us in such a way that makes me feel.. ¡°Are we really a thing of yesterday ..?¡±

When we had our showcase, I was so nervous, I couldn¡¯t get up on the stage.
I thought to myself, ¡°This is not something that gets created in a blink of an eye.¡±
That¡¯s why we¡¯re thankful, that¡¯s why we want to do better in the future. It¡¯s not five years, so let¡¯s work together and pave a nice road. I would like to walk that road with you. Thank you.

*´ÙÀÌ@dnbn says that he cried while he said this, especially the part where he seriously wondered if they were a thing of the past.


What we felt was that, lots of people say DBSK are gonna be like this, we say we¡¯re like that. But we were 10 times, 100 times more worried and we wanted to work harder for you who were waiting for us.
You love us and support us this much, wherever you go we ¡¦
We were never sworn at because of Cassiopeia, right?
But we hated the fact that Cassiopeia were sworn at because of us.

I really really hated it, so that¡¯s why we worked with a set mind of ¡°It¡¯s die or live¡± in Japan.
If someone said to me, I¡¯ll give you a something that will make you do what your heart desire, then I would take away the waiting part; I hate how you wait and how we make you wait.
I think that, wherever we go, reaping a good report/result and returning it to you is the best thing we can do.
To tell the truth when someone goes to you, ¡°Omg, you like that artist? What an embarrasment,¡± about your favorite artist, you become sad.
So in order for you not to hear that, we¡¯re going to work harder. You will help us to work harder right?
Please continue waiting for us. We¡¯ll trust you and work even harder.


Our Cassiopeia fans are really so good at singing~~
Your musical interval and high notes are just!!
It¡¯s a guy song, and since you¡¯re girls, people would usually sing an octave higher, right.
But you all just keep singing in the same octave as us!

That was 2006.
During 2006 there were a lot of bad things that happend to us, health-wise.
And there were a lot of cases when we went on stage with only four memebers.
We barely finished our acitivity that year and achieved the Grand Slam, and it felt different (t/n: because they barely finished their activities).
Yeah.. That was a happy time/ We were relaly happy..
I would like to thank the fans just once more.

Source: ´ÙÀÌ@dnbn + ¸¸µÎ»þ@dnbn + À¯³ëÅ°¿À@dnbn
Translations: charixiahma@LJ

this is from their 5th annniversary translations.. i love you oppa~
especially you! *points to junsu* i love you kim junsu!
– JiN

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