Wars between Cassiopeias, VIPs, Wonderfuls


WOW! We knew they were crazy but not this crazy!


For the upcoming Dong-bang-shin-ki concert, crazy fans of both Big Bang and Wondergirls rallied together to reserve 1700 tickets online, but at the last minute they canceled. This deliberate act resulted in an estimated a loss of about 10 million won (7,225 USD).

Needless to say the Cassiopeias were pissed off and issued a statement regarding such blatant unfair tactics. In response, the VIPs and Wonderfuls stated that they had the right to do whatever they wanted with the tickets, thus infuriating the Cassiopeias even further.

However, guilt must have gotten to the VIPs because they issued an apology.

Despite the apology, we think that this little incident signals the beginning of a fan war!

Let the games begin!!

cassi statement

vip apology



  1. ryeowook0621 Said:

    wow, the vips & wonderfuls r so OVER la…how can they do dat 2 cassiopeias?!!! i noe how d cassiopeias feel…haha~ coz i have d same feeling when they tore down d super junior’s banner!! hahaha

  2. ryeowook0621 Said:

    err, i don mean “they”…what i mean is err, d person hu tore down their banners…actually what i want 2 say is “when d super junior’s banner was tore down”…

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