Oh WonBin Quits FT Island!

FT Island Oh Wonbin

So the rumor we heard was true! It’s been confirmed that FT Island’s guitarist and sub-vocalist, Oh Won Bin will be leaving the team. The company explained on the 28th that even though Wonbin is leaving, the group will not remain as a 4 member team and that the search for a new member in progress. FT Island is still planning on releasing a mini album sometime in February with this new member.

According to the company, Wonbin had come to this hard decision after thinking about it for quite some time. The other members have stated that “it is sad to see him go and that we hope to be able to grow through this rough transition.”

What a huge loss for the team and for the kpop scene. Seeing as how FT Island was one of the few idol groups with talent, I don’t know how they’ll fill up his spot. I just hope they actually get someone with the skills and the talent to carry on the FT Island name. After all, we wouldn’t want FT Island to become some idol group that just uses their face to get famous.


this is sad.. btw.. why is he quiting?

haiz.. okay. atleast they are still going to realease their album..

anyways.. Hwaiting!!

credits: allkpop

– JiN


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