FT Island’s new member — Song Seung Hyun

Out with the old, in with the new… improvement?

FT Island’s management (F&C) has swiftly replaced Oh Wonbin, with 18 year-old Song Seung Hyun, who weighs in at 60kg and stands at 180cm’s tall. I guess Wonbin was pretty pretty damn expendable.

Song Seung Hyun stated:

“Since I’ve just recently joined the group, I will be lacking lots of experience, however I will try my best to not fall behind and will work hard to gain the love of fans.”

Anyway, the idol rock band will continue as usual and will be coming back with a mini-album in February.

I honestly didn’t even know who Oh Wonbin was, until the news of him quitting the group. And apparently F&C agrees. Who can blame them though, Wonbin was about as significant as a convertible in the winter. Although I’ve actually seen some douche bags driving around in their convertibles with the top down in this 14 degree weather, is it really necessary? Of course not. But get this dumbass a convertible, he totally earned it!

Thanks to LL and jeshicaa for the tip.
Source: Newsen
credits: allkpop
whoa! that was fast..
and.. new member eh~ here’s his profile i found from kr.yahoo

Name: Song Seung Hyun
Birthdate: 21 August 1992 (same age with magnae Choi MinHwan)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 60 kg
Company: F&C
Group: FT Island

i hope the primadonnas can accept this..
and.. gud luck! hwaiting!!
– JiN



  1. elizabeth Said:

    i guess, wonbin had to go.
    i’ll miss him soo badly.
    but i’ m wondering about song seunghyun.. i hope he’s good and will gain fans and primadonna would accept him , as well !

    ft island , ❤

  2. Yu Said:

    Thanks for the profile. But I’m not sure about it thou^^ cz most post stated that his age is 18 right?

  3. shin hyun sang Said:

    ..now that it was confirm
    ..but won bin is won bin
    ,..no one can replace it..

  4. any2person Said:

    owh~ yes.. thats real.. its from the korean webs… he’s 18 bcoz.. this year he’s considered 17 in american age.. but 18 in korean age… ^^

  5. any2person Said:

    yup! wonbin is wonbin.. he’s not replacing him.. emm… he’s just JOINING FT after wonbin left the group.. kaka~

  6. iifah Said:

    Oh yes , i do accept seung hyun . My favourite guy in FT island . Seung hyun , hawi’ting .

  7. kimikochang Said:

    Awwww, wonbinnnTT
    Hwaiting, jiayou!
    Seung hyunnnnn!!! I love youuuu

  8. jhen Said:

    seunghyun is so handsome he gets lots of fans because of magnae rebellion.. i luv him most for now… aside from goodlooking he is really funny… i just luv him hes too cute

  9. Mrs. Dubliyu Said:

    good luck song seunghyun!!!!

  10. jennifer(sung yong hee) Said:

    at first i can’t accept that oh won bin is leaving ft island…but thought get in my mind that it was oh won bin’s decision to leave …and said that he like to do a solo..
    at first i don’t like seung hyun because i can’t still forget oh won bin was a part of ft i sland…but now i did learn to like and love seung hyun..but not like the love i gave to oh won bin…

    by the way FT ISLAND is the best

  11. jennifer(sung yong hee) Said:

    the love i gave to seung hyun as a fan was not like the love i gave to seung hyun.

    because i know oh won bin well than seung hyun…even if i will be reborn i will still love and like oh won bin and ft island..

  12. jennifer(sung yong hee) Said:

    i mean the love i gave to seung hyun as a fan is not like the love i gave to oh won bin..because the love i gave to oh won bin is greater than the love that i gave to seung hyun.

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