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Strictly Come Dancing

a show i’ve been watching.. love it very much!!

especially Nancy Wu and Nathan Lee in the show.. they are just so cute!

they look super cute together.. and they are close now.. i hope they get together.. keke.. ^^

well.. Nathan Lee is Korean.. i was like : 0o0 when i saw him.. he’s just so cute! >w<

ofcoz junsu is cuter.. so now.. nathan is like my number 6..

i love nancy wu.. she acts very gud.. and she is super when she dances! she’s the first person to get 10 full points in the show for the first and second time! whoo!

here’s the video.. i just watched that.. nice huh? cool dance..

i hope they’ll win!!

– JiN


kaka.. watched too much rainism lately.. kinda like the song adi..

so.. i go look for videos in YT.. and i found this cool korean kid call BJ is dancing to it..

its actually just 1 person.. but after editing.. it looks like 3 person.. cool huh? and the dance steps are just the same and accurate like rain’s dance..


– JiN

Korea’s Idol Groups Being Withdraw From Being School Uniform Presenter!

Korea’s Idol Groups are preparing to withdraw from being presentors of Korea’s school uniform.

In the morning of 23rd Jan. 09 , South Korea School Uniform Confederation and School Uniform Business Trader had met at Saejong Building , Kwanghwamun , Seoul. To attend the announcement from Ministry Of Education And Science which been revealed that ” Every famous artists will have to stop being presentors for school uniform. And the command will become effective since this February 09”

On passed 23rd , The Business Trader to attend the meeting are as followed :

– Schoolooks
– Ivy Club
– Elite
– SK Network

Regarding the command above , every artists’ fansign event plans , activities to promote selling circulation and every presenters ; which are , BIGBANG , Wonder Girls , So Nyeo Shi Dae and SHINee will have to be withdraw immediately. Moreover , there will be resolution to control school uniforms’ prices later on too.

Credit : pingbook + shineeTH+shineeeforums
Translator : kika

Funny video by simon and martina – dance kpop style

LoL at this video.. i give it 10 out of 10..

10 jeom man jeom ui 10 jeom!!!

LOL! here’s the video.. go simon and martina~

Tell Me Why – Untouchable

another new group name “untouchable” had released their new album – Quiet Storm.

this album features the title song – Tell me why..

i like the song very much.. its kinda catchy.. i think the song will be up on the charts very soon~

the MV is featuring HwaYoung..

Artists: Untouchable feat. Hwayoung
Title: Tell Me Why
Album: vol.1 Quiet Storm
Release Date: Jan 2009

~Back in Oct 2008, Untouchable collaborated w/ Park Hwayobi for the song “It’s Okay”. It was used as the themesong of Hwayobi and Hwanhee for the variety show WGM^.^

another MV is Its Okay by Untouchable feat. Hwayobi

so.. are they still “untouhcable” ? LoL me..

– JiN

Sexy Dolls — SNSD

whoa! i would say to SNSD.. i just love the dance! SNSD is performing Circus by Britney Spears(dancing) on the MBC “Show! MusicCore”. they are just awesome!

i love the dance so much.. im so going to learn it.. they show how sexy and cool they can be.. they are not only those cute dolls anymore.. now they are sexy girls! (but still can be cute girls.. ^^)

and another show in MBC.. i think maybe.. dance battle?

i just love it so much! SNSD Jjang! imma go learn dance~~