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SHINee’s “2009, Year Of Us” Mini Album

20091016_ringdingdongshineemv_mainHaving made a successful comeback with their title song, Ring Ding Dong last week, SHINee has kept the momentum going by releasing all the tracks in their new album, 2009, Year of Us today. There has been much anticipation for SHINee’s new songs through their teasers but do they live up to expectations?

Listen to the tracks and decide yourself!

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credits to: allkpop


The year 2009 was like a gust of wind that has brought along tons of new girls groups, but whose hand will MAMA (no pun intended but that’s the acronym) hold now?

Major Korean music channel Mnet has announced that their Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) will now be renamed as Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)!

Mnet announced on October 23 that the live broadcast will change its concept and the way they will handle how people may vote for which artist wins the award.

Mnet also announced that Park Ji Yoon, SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Jun and Lee Seok Hoon will become the new MC’s of the event.



Mnet is planning on handing out the “Rookie Female Group Award,” to the following nominees: 2NE1, 4minute, After School, f(x), and last but not least, T-ara.


Rookie Female Group nominees

Having seen the five groups show up suddenly and made a comet-like impact upon the K-Pop world, many are extremely curious as to who will MAMA choose to be the rookie female group of the year.

The live broadcast of the 2009 MAMA will take place on November 21 at Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium. People that live outside of Korea, don’t give your hopes up yet, because there’s a reason why MAMA is titled MAMA! Via Channel V International, the event will be broadcasted in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Thailand.

The special main event will be the “Global Artist Award.” In addition, another major change is that the Trot genre will be added on along with the other Pop music awards.

There will be a total of 7 categories of artists, 7 categories of genres, and 2 categories of music video nominations during the event. In addition, there will be a total of 30 awards for each nominated song.

People may start voting on October 23, 2009 through the Mnet homepage.

Full nominee’s list

Criteria: Album sales and chart standings from October 15th, 2008 through October 22nd 2009.

Best Male Newcomer
• Supreme Team
• Chung Lim
• Taegoon

Best Female Newcomer
• 2NE1
• After School
• T-ara
• 4minute
• f(x)

Best Male Singer
• Drunken Tiger
• Rain
• Lee Seung Chul
• G-Dragon
• MC Mong

Best Female Singer
• Bada
• Baek Ji Young
• Son Dambi
• Younha
• Chae Yeon

Best Male Group
• 2PM
• Big Bang
• Super Junior
• SG Wannabe
• SS501

Best Female Group
• Davichi
• Brown Eyed Girls
• Jewelry

Best Mixed Group
• Roo’Ra
• 8eight
• Koyote
• Cool
• Clazziquai

Best Rock Music Award
• Buhwal (I remember 생각이나)
• Seo Taiji (Juliet)
• Jang Giha and the Faces (Living with nothing special)
• Cherry Filter (Pianissimo)
• FT Island (I Hope)

Best Hip-Hop Group Award
• Dynamic Duo (Dead Guy)
• Drunken Tiger (Monster)
• LeeSsang (The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave)
• Outsider (Alone)
• Epik High (Wannabe)

Best Ballad/R&B Music Award
• Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday)
• Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain)
• Bobby Kim (Love, the guy)
• Park Hyo Shin (After Love)
• Baek Ji Young (Like being hit by a bullet)

Best Dance Music Award
• 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
• 2PM (Again & Again)
• SNSD (Gee)
• Super Junior (Sorry Sorry)
• KARA (Honey)

Best House & Electronic Music Award
• Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
• Son Dambi (Saturday Night)
• Clazziquai (Love Again)
• 4minute (Muzik)
• G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)

Best Trot Music Award
• Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman)
• Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life)
• Seong JinYoo (딱이야)
• Joo HyunMi and Seohyun (JjaRaJaJjan)
• Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)

Best O.S.T Award
• Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS)
• Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this – Blue Love Story)
• T-Max (Paradise – Boys Over Flowers)
• Tiffany (I’m Alone – JaMyungGo)
• SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)

Best MV Award
• 2NE1 (Fire)
• LeeSsang (The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave)
• Bada (Mad)
• Seo Taiji (Juliet)
• D.N.G (Step 2 Me)

Best MV Director Award
• Seo Hyun Seung
• Jang Jae Hyuk
• Jo Soo Hyun
• Joo Hee Seon
• Hong Won Ki

credits to: allkpop

– JiN

The Secret Code Promotion

Fukuoka Team: Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin
Nagoya Team: Jaejoong Yunho

Osaka: All five

Sapporo Team: Yoochun, Jaejoong, Yunho
Hiroshima team: Junsu, Changmin

Credit: DBSG LJ


yup.. just like T last time.. they are promoting in groups again..

and this time.. JunSu is not alone~~~ s2


oppa fighting!!!

– JiN

After School — Ah [full mv]

Seriously. Ga Hee is one sexy leader. After seeing these ladies group one another on stage during the end of the year Gayo shows just a few weeks ago, After School has finally released a full MV for their debut single, ‘Ah’. Ah? Ah.


A bunch of pretty ladies, don’t you think? Legal and sexy. What a nice change. Refreshing considering all those self-proclaimed ahjussi fans of all those cutesy little girl groups that instill Lolita comlexes into anything and everything they can get a hold of are pretty much everywhere nowadays. I’ve been looking for something sexy and edgy for a while now, since Hyori is a no show. These ladies are heating up the stage in a way no other idol girl group can.

The song itself is nothing special. The concept is nice and a lot edgier than anything around right now in Kpop. Very Pussycat Dolls. It’s all good I guess, they are trying to be Korea’s PCD. They’re doing a pretty good job so far. The only thing I commend these girls for over their American counterparts is that it’s not just centered around the leader. Looking forward to more of After School.


i’m sure they are super tall.. they look super tall.. SUPER tall..

gahee.. i dono which one.. anyway.. the song is addictive.. duri~ ah~~ xD

hwaiting!! uploads? later~~

– JiN

[JAP+KOR+ROM] Bolero Lyrics

야미니우카부 츠키노스테이지니 오도루키미오 유메미탄다
yami ni ukabu tsuki no stage ni odoru kimi wo yume mitanda

후카이후카이 무네노기즈오, 히토즈히토즈 세오와나이데
fukai fukai mune no kizu wo hitotsu hitotsu se owanaide

다레모키미오 세메야시나이, 키미와키미데 이레바이이사
dare mo kimi wo semeyashinai kimi wa kimi de ireba ii sa

키카세떼,이토시이하카나쿠쯔마사키데 카나데루 볼레로
kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsubasaki de kanaderu bolero

마이아가레 키미노가나시미모 이야사레루바쇼미츠케루사
maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa

쿠라이헤야노나카,미타사레루오모이 마도카라아후레
kurai heya no naka mitasareru omoi mado kara afure

유메가츠즈무츠키히카리노시타 ??니기보오노리즈무오키자무
yume ga tsunoru tsuki hikari no shita kamoshara ni kibou no rhythm wo kizamu

유메가 츠노루
yume ga tsunoru

키미가키미라시이노와 지유우니하바타쿠카라
kimi ga kimi rashii no wa jiyuu ni habataku kara

다레모시루고토노나이 고타에사가시뗴
daremo shirukoto no nai kotae sagashite

키카세떼,이토시쿠하카나쿠쯔마사키데 카나데루 볼레로
kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsuba saki de kanaderu bolero

마이아가레 키미노가나시미모 이야사레루바쇼미츠케루사
maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa

Let you dance away
Don’t you know~ Yeah~
I’ll stand by your side
Fly away, Fly away, Fly away, Fly to the top
Fly forever
Yeah, yeah, yeah~

이쯔마데모 키미오 테라시츠즈케루요
itsumademo kimi wo terashi tsuzukeruyo


키미노아이스베키 미라이오
kimi no ai subeki mirai wo

doko itte mo

boku wa negai tsuzukeru yo

mamoru kara

키카세떼, 마부시쿠세쯔나쿠 죠오네쯔데키라메쿠 보레로
kikasete mabushiku setsunaku jounetsu de kirameku bolero

키미와 케시떼 히토리쟈나이카라
kimi wa keshite hitori janai kara

이노치노카기리, 마이아가레
inochi no kagiri maiagare

키미노이바쇼와 고코니아루
kimi no ibasho wa koko ni aru

Source : Fangirlmitz
Cre : SanLuvTVXQ@csspf


i love this song so much.. now i can sing it a lot!!! wahahaha~

i’ll try to find the translations..

– JiN

BigBang “Strong Baby” MV released!

SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV is released! featuring G-Dragon..

it has said to be a bed scene..

so there is one..

and VIPs please do watch until finish and you’ll get wat i said..

here’s the video:

i’m sure the crack crack dance is going to be a hit..

the girl in the MV is the one from Last Farewell.. and she’s kinda hot..

go SeungRi! i hope i can put up the download soon

– JiN

SNSD TaeYeon! TaengGoo Jjang!

i just wanted to post this because i love her so much.. she’s just super duper unresistable cuteness!! sorry.. this have to go on..

this video is about TaeYeon doing U-Go-Girl dance cover.. cute and sexy in the same time.. the guys look waaaaaaaaaay too happy.. daesung is so cute in there… haha~

the 2nd video is about TaeYeon and JunSu~ 2 of my fav members~ OMG!! The cuteness rate is over 100!!  its Mnet Wide news.. they’re “analysing” the love triangle between Xiah JunSu, TaeYeon and Alex.. (p.s.: TaeYeon said Alex was her ideal lover) its very funny though.. if they’re dating i’ll be very happy~ these was all over Korea entertainment news!!

and the 3rd one is fanmade video about TaeYeon and JunSu.. (why am i so into this? coz they’re both cute!) dont be angry fans.. calmdown.. i love the pictures she put in the video.. its so touching..

the last one is the cure KkoKkoMa Leader lipsyncing MiRotic and Dance abit.. the CHIN dance.. its so cute~


thats all.. i wouldn’t want anyone bashing our site.. haha~ juz kidding.. please comment alot!!!

– JiN

SNSD Sunny — IJeSeoYa (Story Of Wine OST)

Everyone says SNSD’s Sunny is just using her niece-uncle relationship to get into SM.. but i dont think so.. She’s really talented and she will shine! This song is the OST for Story Of Wine, she follows the footsteps of their beloved Leader— TaeYeon and start singing OSTs.. TaeYeon and Sunny are gaining more popularity not just by singing OSTs, but also by Radio shows that are host by them and SuJu’s Kang In and Sung Min. Chin Han Chin Gu AKA ChinChin Radio is hosted by TaeYeon and KangIn while Chun Bang Ji Chuk AKA ChunJi Radio is hosted by Sunny and SungMin.. both popularity are increasing nowadays and we hope to see more from them too~

p.s. : congratulations DBSK and TaeYeon for being nominated in Golden Disk Award!!

here’s the video:


WhOo~ Sunny sings like an angel!!


IU ——- New artists from LOEN ent.

I heard about this girl from my friend.. they said that she is just 16.. just like me… im really impressed by her voice,but the video is freakin scary.. here’s the video if u havent watch it.. downloads will be uploadded soon…’s some info bout her album..

Singer: IU 아이유
Title: Mia 미아
Release Date: Sept 2008

01. 미운 오리 “Ugly duckling”
02. 미아 “Mia”
03. 있잖아 “You Know”
04. Feel So Good
05. Every Sweet Day
06. 미아 “Mia” (MR)


enjoying her songs.. its really nice..

– JiN

[Kor+Rmn]Mirotic Version C new tracks lyrics


Don’t Cry My Love

정말 괜찮은 건지 보러 괜찮냐며 물어보는 사람마저
내가 슬퍼 보이나 하긴 눈물로 손이 범벅이잖아

나를 위해 흘러 내리는 빗물이 위에서 번져 가려줄 텐데
사랑아 울지마 데려갈지 몰라
아직도 남은 기억마저 잡고 있던거야


잠시 눈을 감아 사랑할까봐 놓아야 너의 손을 놓지 할까봐
내게로 사랑하는 법을 가르쳐 어떻게 잊어야 지금의 모습

오늘 술에 취해 네게 전활 걸어 역시 받지 않아 울잖아
무슨 말을 했는지 헛된 소릴 한지미안해 조차 못하는
아직도 내게서 도망가려니 잡을 없는 꿈을 쫓듯이 멀어져가

너에게 어떤 사랑이 와도 기다릴텐데 편히 내가 없다 생각해
네게 했던 우리 약속과 함께 하자던 눈물을 이제 보여 있어





이젠 안에 소원 담아서 그대 힘들어 지면 작은 잡아 줄게요
그대의 마음엔 내가 없죠 험한 세상이 원하듯이 혼자라 믿죠
So Easily
맘놓아 시린 가슴 보이면 위로가 줄게요. 괜찮나요? (두렵진 않게)
Oh Love is strong
놀라진 마요 믿어요 어느새 (어느새
말도 못할 세상이 다가오는데

*너를 버려둔 어두운 속에 헤매다 이겨 낸다면 조금씩 그대 삶은 달라지겠죠
때론 지쳐 쓰러져가도
언제나 곁에 있어줄게요 그대로
언제나 머물 있게

앞에 있는 있나요



(You, Do not cry anymore)
거센 빗속에 사라진 그대 아침도 (그대 괜찮을 테죠)
빠져 버렸던 절망도 그댈 위한 삶의 약인걸요

So Easily 돌아 없는 Far away
두렵긴 해도 둘이선 있죠 (눈이 멀어도

*너를 버려둔 어두운 속에 헤매다 이겨 낸다면 조금씩 그대 삶은 달라지겠죠
때론 지쳐 쓰러져가도 언제나 머물 있게 곁에 있는 내가 보이나요

기억 속에 마음 안에 그대 어린 꿈속에
미로 속에 빠져 버려도 날개 펼쳤던

느낀 세상 상처도 울기도 했던 시간도
가슴에 담아둬, 참아 언젠간 웃어줘 버리면

할거라 믿었었죠 지울 수도 없는 바램인걸요
잡아요 밝게 빛날 있게

닫혀진 어두운 속에 헤매다 이겨 낸다면 조금씩 그대 삶은 달라지겠죠

때론 지쳐 쓰러져가도 언제나 머물 있게 앞에 있는 있나요





Love Bye Love

시간이 슬픔과 맞췄을 울리던 전화
펑펑 울고 있던 목소리에 네게 아무것도 해줄수 없었어
울지마 모든걸 이해해 동안 미안해 말만 덧붙히고
그리움이 사랑을 앞서 던지던 너의 헤어지잔

*추억의 빛깔이 바래졌을때 모두 흐려졌을때 그때 사랑의 맘을 닫아 볼게
Bye Bye Bye Bye My Love
2 들리니

You Hear Me Now Yeah~
꿈속엔 눈물이 춤을 추고 눈을 아침엔 너란 향길 씻어
입고 준비를 홀로 첫날을 축하하듯

붐비는 기억 들리는 음악에 떨리던 가슴 멎은 오늘을 실감해
너에게 좋은 사람이였을까? 구름과 같이 멈출 없던 우리 행복했던



RAP>Yo! Everytime 잠깐의 시간이 맘을 아프게 했나봐
울고 있을 시간에 너의 마음을 다치게 했나봐

함께 쓰던 너의 비밀번호
너의 손이 닿기 전에 잊혀져 가고 있잖아
니가 사랑에 다시 한번 상처 입은
쓰라린 고통의 무채색의 옷을 입은 방랑자
아무리 감싸주지 못한 눈물 속에 패배자
우리 다시 이런 사랑 하지 말자

아름다운 날인데 눈엔 자꾸 눈물이 날까

*Repeat 2




Don’t Say Goodbye

맞추지 못하는 그댈 읽을 없죠
길을 잃어버린 아이 같아서 기다리고만 있죠

어떤 말을 할건지 사실 알고 있죠
진심이 아닌걸 눈치 챈걸요 눈물이 말하잖아요

Don’t Say Goodbye
손을 놓지 말라는 마음이 들려요

그대 맘이 들려요 아직 나만을 원하죠
그댄 숨길 없죠 그댄 거짓말을 못하죠

허락할 없어요 헤어지잔 거짓말
눈을 보고 말해봐요 아니잖아요 진심 아니잖아요

Don’t Say Goodbye
손을 놓지 말라는 마음이 들려요

그대 맘이 들려요 세상이 돌려도 힘든 사랑이라도

You are mu love, you are my soul
Don’t Say Goodbye don’t leave me now oh~
함께 나눈 약속이 내겐 전부인걸요

Don’t Say Goodbye You are my everything to me
지친 하루는 항상 그댈 찾겠죠

마르지 않는 샘처럼 그댈 사랑할께요

You are mu love, you are my soul
Don’t say good bye you are the only one for me
없었던 일처럼 오늘이 지나면

서로 맘을 놓지 않고 모두 이겨내겠죠

Cause you are my everything to me
Cause you are my everything to me




Don’t Cry My Love

nan jeongmal kwenchaneun gonji nabro kwenchannyamyo moolro boneun sarammajo

naega seulpo boi nabwa hagin nanoonmoolro dusoni bombokijana


nareul wihae ddo heullo naerineun bitmoolri naenoon wi-eso bonjyo nol garyojool tende

saranga ooljima nol deryo galji moolla


ajikdo non nameun giok majo jabgo itdongoya


*jamshi nooneul gama nol saranghalgabwa nohayadwel noye soneul nohji mothalkabwa

naegero saranghaneun bobeul gareuchio joonno ottokke ijoyahae jigeum-ui nae moseub



oneul ddo sole chwihae nege jonhwalgolo yokshi nonbadjiana ddo ooljana

mooseun maleul haetneunji hotdwen soril hanji ‘mianhae’ ran maljocha mothaneun na

ajik do naege so domanggaryoni jabeul suobneun kkomeul jjotdeushi do molrojyoga



noyege odon sarangi wado gidariltende pyonhi naega obda saenggakhae

nege haetdon oori yaksokgwa hamkke hajadon noonmooleul ije boyo joolsu isso


ijen nae ane keusowon damaso geudae himdeulro jimyun jakkeunson jaba julkeyo

geudaeye maeumen naega objyo heomhan sesangi wonhadeushi ddo honjara midjyo

so easily mamnoha shirin gaseum boimyun wirogadwae julkeyo. kwenchanayo? (duryobjin anke)

Oh Love is Strong nolrajinmayo midoyo oneusae (oneusae)


maldo mothal sesangi dagaoneunde



*neoreul boryodun geu odu-oongil soge hemaeda igyo naendamyun jogeumshik geudae salmeun ddo dalrajigetjyo



ddaeron jichio sseuro jyogado(onjena ne gyote issojullkeyo geudaero)

onjena momool soo itke

apeso itneun nalbolsu itnayo


(You, Do not cry anymore)


gosen bitsoge sarajin geudae achimdo (geudae gwenchaneul tejyo)

bbajyo boryotdon geu jongmaldo geudael wihan salm-ui yakingolyo



So Easily dolagal su obneungil Far away

duryobgin haedo dooli sonda halsu itjyo (nooni molrodo)


*noreul boryodoon geu odu-oon gil soge hemaeda igyo naendamyun jogeumshik geudae saleun ddo dalrajigetjyo

ddaeron jichio sseuro jyogado onjena momool suitke gyote so itneun naega boinayo?


gi-ok soge geu maeum ane geudae orin kkoomsoge

mirosoge bbajyo boryodo nalgae pyolchiotdon kkoom

neukini sesang sangchiodo oolgido haetdon shigando

gaseume damadwo, chama onjengan oosojwo borimyundwae



jal halgora nan midosotjyo jioolsudo obneun baraemingolyo

son jabayo bake bitnal suitke



dadhyojin geu odu-oon gil soge hemaeda igyo naendamyun jogeumshik geudae salmeun ddo dalrajiketjyo



ddaeron jichio sseuro jyogado onjena momool suitke apeso itneun nal bolsu itnayo


Love Bye Love

shigani seulpeumgwa ib mchwoseul ddae oolridon jonhwa

pongpong oolgo itdon moksori-e nege amugotdo haejulsu obsoso

ooljima modeungol ihaehae geudongan mianhae ran malman dotboothigo

geusorioomi sarangeul apso don noye heyojijanmal



*chuokui bitkkali baraejyoseulddae modu heuryojyoseulddae geuddae sarang-ui mameul dada bolke



Bye Bye Bye Bye My Love

Bye Bye Bye Bye My Love

deulrini You Hear Me Now Yeah~


kkoomsogen noonmoolri choomeul chugo nuneulddeun achimen noran hyanggil sshiso

sae otibko junbireul hae holro son chotnalreul chukhahadeut


boombineun giok sok deulrineun eumak ge ddolridon igaseum mojeun oneulreulshilgamhae
nan neul nogyege joheun sarami yotseulkka? gureumgwa gatchi momchool su obdon oori haengbok haetdon nal




Yo! Everytime jamkkan-ui shigani nae mameul apeuge haetnabwa
oolgo isseul shigane noye maeumeul dachige haetnabwa

hamkke sseudon noye jib bimilbonho

noye soni dahgi jone ijhyojyo gago itjana

niga jun sarange dashi hanbon sangcho ibeun

sseurorin gotonge muchaesaek-ui oseul ibeun barangja

amuri gamssajuji mothan noonmool soge paebaeja

oori dashi iron sarang haji malja



areumdaun nalrinde nunen jakku noonmoolri nalkka

*Repeat 2



Don’t Say Goodbye

noonmachuji mothaneun geudael ikeul su objyo

gireul ilro borin ai gataso gidari goman itjyo



otddon maleul halgonji sashil nan algo itjyo

jinshimi aningol noonchi chaengolyo noonmoolri malhajanayo

Don’t Say Goodbye


geu soneul nohji malraneun maeumi deuryoyo

geudae mamideulryo ajik namaneul wonhajyo

geudaen soomgil su objyo geudaen gojimaleul mothajyo



horakhal suobsoyo heyojijan gojimal
nooneul bogo nalhaebwayo anijanayo jinshim anijanayo

Don’t Say Goodbye


geu soneul nohji malraneun maeumi deuryoyo

geudae mami deulryoyo sesangi deung dolryodo himdeun sarangirado

You are my love, you are my soul
Don’t Say Goodbye don’t leave me now oh~


hamkke nanoon yaksokgi naegen jonbu ingolryo

Don’t Say Goodbye You are my everything to me


jichin nae haruneun hangsang geudael chaketjyo

mareuji aneun saem shoreom geudael saranghalkkayo

You are my love, you are my soul
Don’t say good bye you are the only one for me


obsotdon ilchoreom oneulri ddo jinamyun

soro mameul nohji anko modu igyo naegetjyo

Cause you are my everything to me
Cause you are my everything to me





romanized by JiN@any2person

enjoy singing the new songs!!! i love JunSu’s high pitch in Don’t Say Goodbye~ *melts*

 (p.s.: its my Message ringtone now~ huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~)

– JiN

New Downloads

Downloads are up for the full:

  •  Rainism album
  • Big Bang Number 1 album
  • Big Bang’s Sunset Glow MV
  • DBSK on Champagne with English subs
  • Seo Taiji – Bermuda (Triangle) single

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[HQ]Big Bang – Sunset Glow MV

Credits: hintingyou


This MV is really happy…. It’s like a step back from their usually club-like videos…. O_O But I still think DIrty Cash is still their happiest video…^^

Go to Any2downloads to download this video!

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TOP hospitalised a day after his birthday

First article:

Big Bang member TOP (21) was admitted to Seoul HeukSeokDong Central Hospital on 5th November at 1pm in the afternoon.

It was said that it was due to overwork and exhaustion and TOP has been told to rest in the hospital.

5th November is also the day that Big Bang releases their 2nd official album ‘Remember’, they have been busy practising with the preparation for their comeback right after their Japanese concert performances throughout the whole of October.

A representative from YG Entertainment said at the hospital, “The situation is not very serious, hence their comeback performance on the 8th will still take place.”

Some said it was due to suicidal thoughts..

There has been a lot of wondering by fans on TOP’s elder sister Choi Hye Yoon’s minihompy if Big Bang TOP’s admission into the hospital on 5th November was due to suicidal thoughts.

Media has also speculated about this possibility since it was discovered that TOP has taken a month’s worth of medicine on 5th November in his Seoul MaPoGoo HapJungDong home. And frantic fans have went on to TOP’s sister’s minihompy asking if TOP’s ’suicidal thoughts’ were true.

What YG Entertainment has to say…


A representative of YG Entertainment said, “TOP was already down with flu on 5th November, and he was working overnight until 4am in the morning doing recording. Furthermore on his birthday on the 4th, he went out drinking even though he usually cannot hold his liquor well. And after all this, he went home after after feeling fatigue and took medicine. His body couldn’t take the stress as he didn’t have the time to sleep and rest enough, and was admitted into the hospital.”

Credits: sookeyong


Wahhh~~~ This was really bad luck for him~ I hope its not due to suicidal thoughts though~ T_T

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2008 MKMF awards to be broadcasted simultaneously in Korea, Japan and China

‘2008 Mnet Km Music Festival(MKMF)’, which will be into its 10th anniversary this year, will have this year’s event broadcast live simultaneously in Korea, Japan and China. This is the first time that such a music event be broadcasted live in such huge scale in the 3 countries simultaneously.


On the 15th November, the red carpet session will start at 5pm in Seoul JamSil Stadium and the whole event will last for 6 hours. And the event will be broadcasted in Korea on cable channel Mnet and KMTV.

And in Japan, it will be broadcasted over on channel Mnet Japan and M-on TV, while in China, it will be broadcasted on CheonJin Satellite Channel. And it is estimated that the event will be viewed by 700 million Asians, including Koreans, live that day.

Credits: sookyeong


Can’t wait for this~^^

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TOP’s Birthday

Big Bang member TOP (21) had to put aside the excitement of his birthday for a moment for the busy schedule of Big Bang’s comeback.

With Big Bang’s comeback with 2nd album ‘Remember’, the members have been training and practising on their singing and chereography everyday since dawn these days.

A representative of YG Entertainment said, “On the day of TOP’s birthday, 4th November, the Big Bang members were up since 2am in the morning for their CF filming and their practice for comeback. And during the CF filming, the other Big Bang members and staff presented TOP with a cake and sang birthday song for him. There was no special event for his birthday but just a nice small birthday party for TOP by the Big Bang members.

“When they had the extra time out from the filming and practising for their comeback, the members went out for a birthday celebration meal. And all the presents that TOP received from fans for his birthday have really heightened the birthday mood as well.”

Credits: sookyeong


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Big Bang ‘Remember’ album hit 200 000 a day before release

Popular group Big Bang’s official 2nd album ‘Remember’ has fetched a total of 200,000 copies for reservations sales in just 1 day before the official release.

YG Entertainment said on the 4th, “From their previous 3rd minialbum, there has been greater expectation for Big Bang’s new album this time. The fact that it has been 2 years since their last official album, there is greater anticipation for the album.”

Apart from that, there is also an event coming up for Big Bang’s 2nd album release by 2 of Korea’s most famous retail shops Hot Tracks and ShinNara Records.

Hot Tracks will be organising a ‘Big Bang Day’ on 5th November, on that day with every purchase of Big Bang’s album, the purchaser will be given Big Bang holder plus a balloon with Big Bang’s logo printed on it. The store will also play Big Bang music and put up Big Bang members’ photos to suit the theme for the day.

Big Bang will release their 2nd album ‘Remember’ on 5th November and they will resume their schedule with their comeback stage on 8th Novmber on MBC Music Core.

Credits: sookyeong


Taeyang looks sooooo HOT! Wahahaha~ It’s certainly more colourful and fun looking…~ And a ‘Big Bang Day’ sounds genius… lol~ XD

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Sunye, Yuna and JOO to attend university

WonderGirls SunYe, So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonAh and Joo has all passed the test to enter for DongKook University.

It was revealed on 4th November that SunYe, YoonAh and Joo has successfully been selected for the year 2009. They were selected for the arts (scting) faculty.

SunYe has graduated from Korea Arts High School in February , while Joo and YooAh will be graduating from Korea Arts High School and DaeYoung High respectively next February.

Credits: sookyeong


Wahh~~ At least they care about their education! ^^

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DBSK on NHK ‘Love Songs 2008’



RAWR! I look forward to this…. ^^

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