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This site is under construction. we are improvving to serve all kpop fans better. ^^ please do come back and visit as we will still keep posting the latest news.There will be some error occur in this site.

Sorry for the incovenience. ^^

– JiN

Funny video by simon and martina – dance kpop style

LoL at this video.. i give it 10 out of 10..

10 jeom man jeom ui 10 jeom!!!

LOL! here’s the video.. go simon and martina~

How To Join SM’s Global Fanclub

Someone ask me this so i’m posting this here in case u want to join and don’t know how..

[How to apply]

1) Click on

2) Check for information provided for application

3) Click on the name of the artist of your choice

4) Check for information on your artist and click APPLY

5) Verify your ID number and click AGREE on the rules and policies of the Fanclub

6) Verification of first time application. Type in personal information

7) Send the membership fee to the account number Provided below

8) After membership fee receipt of money, you must send a e-mail to including your country, name, and date of birth and attaching scaning a receive slip.  (U must have a scanner to do this!! ><;)

9) Next, log into the fanclub page, and please provide us name of the bank, time of deposit, and name of the sender.

S.M. ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Membership Bebefits

1) Membership card with new visual picture of ARTIST

2) Invitation for grand opening party with ARTIST (1 time)

3) Subscription to S.M. ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Magazine

4) One time ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Special Goods

5) ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Community information service (Coming soon)

6) Mobile Global Fanclub Service (Coming soon)

7) Invitation to participate in public broadcasts and events
(Determined before the performance)

8) Invitation to participate in ARTIST Official Global Fanclub tour live taping events
(Price details available at the time of the event. Tickets will be first come first served.)

9) Special benefits when purchasing merchandising at the S.M. online mall (Coming soon)

10) Invitation to participate in ARTIST Official Global Fanclub international concert tour of ARTIST (Tickets will be first come first served. While membership benefits provide you with a ticket to the concert, you must still pay for transportation to and from the concert, as well as accomodation and other personal expenses except the concert ticket.)

11) Other benefits to be listed at a future time

[Period of membership] :1(One) Year

[Membership Fee]

1) KOREA : 15,000 won (Koreans, Foreigners living in Korea)

2) CHINA /TAIWAN /THAILAND/HONGKONG /U.S.A/MALAYSIA/INTERNATIONAL : 40,000 won or $43 (USD) (Koreans living outside of Korea, Foreigners)

Koreans living outside of Korea or Foreigners who wish to receive all direct mailing service and postal mails from Fanclub via international postal service are required to pay additional fees of 25,000 won including Goods EMS shipping, Magazine shipping, and return fee. Therefore, the total payment will be 40,000 won.

Okay.. I just went to Change some MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) to KRW (Korea Won) that day.. and

MYR 0.0027 = 1 KRW


MYR 27.00 = 10,000 KRW

40,000 KRW = MYR 108.00 or something like that..

but! the currency converter online said that 40,000 KRW = MYR 98.00, so.. its equals to MYR 100 like that..

[ Converter ] <<< just go too this site if u wana change to ur country’s currency..

Good Luck if u wana join it..


Yorobun! Hello~

okay.. i know its the hiatussing season again.. well.. school is starting soon. i hope i get to go online like usual.. but both of us are having our government test this year.. We maybe don’t get to go online that often.. but we will do our best to update you with the latest news..

and we would like to know what you think about our site! please comment a lot!!

remember to visit our other precious blogs!!

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Thank You~


– JiN

OMG~ 2 weeks!?

I can’t believe that we are actually going to stop posting for 2 weeks~


Now, this is what happened..

our school is actually making us to have our final exams on the PMR week..

PMR= Juniour secondary test, very important as it shows which class you are going to in form 4..

PMR week is suppose to be a week of holidays for secondary students (except those form 3 who are having PMR)..but our school made us have our final exam during PMR time… WTF!?

So~ we plan to stop posting just for 2 weeks.. cause we have to study and have exams for 10+ subjects…


we also planned a lot of new things that we are going to give away to our precious blog readers..

there are some ideas like

– Any2Pictures : a picture blog with loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of pixies..

– Any2Radio : a radio show by any2person, but not live.. it’s just recorded..

– Any2Downloads : a blog which tells you about the newest downloads and the links to it.

                                *  we will put multiple download links so that everyone can download.

AND THAT’S IT! please make sure that yourself is readyfor the BIG COMEBACK!! (eventhough its just 2 weeks..) I’ll sure miss my blog here.. just hope that i’ll pass my add maths.. (Lana: Me too..)

YoRoBun~ KiDaRyo~

any2combac.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

LoL “BIG” comeback.. we will be back for more KPOPs!!!!!

– JiN

siggy2.jpg picture by tamyjaejoong



chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3

Changmin Almost Lost His Income Because of Junsu?

Dong Bang Shinki’s youngest member Choikang Changmin became the topic of conversation as he exposed that Xiah Junsu almost cut off his source of income.

DBSK, who made an magnificent comeback stage after a year and 7 months, appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun’s Champagene’ and talked skillfully.

During the ‘Shower Talk- It’s all because of you’ Choikang Changmin exposed that because of Xiah Junsu almost stole his source of income. What happened was that at their debut, Choikang Changmin held the cute image in the group, but Xiah Junsu came out with ‘Angel Xiah’ and took the cute image, resulting in Changmin not having any road to follow. Choikang Changmin revealed “Because of him, I just became the tall kid in Dong Bang Shinki”.

After that they revealed that “The members of Dong Bang Shinki had a big fight because we all had our own images but Xiah Junsu messed it up”.

You can see DBSK’s unstoppable talk on the 4th at 11:25 P.M. (for philiphines)


Aww~ you can’t blame JunSu’s cuteness..  LoL.. yea.. Now ChangMin can’t bethecute one anymore and he started to be more manly and mature.. i think JunSu haven’t tought of being CHARISMATIC that time.. kaka~ But now even Micky is getting cuter~ LoL! YooSu~

– JiN

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Jae Joong accepts drama role

12219854151051vu3.jpg Jae Joong image by suzini_sae


Jaejung hero acting challenge, “given a shot/chance to working at acting”

Networks, a joint venture in Japan, will be making a Tele Cinema and first episode is Postman of Heaven. It is a joint drama project of Japan and South Korea. Jaejoong had been interviewed on the 24th (of September? It says something about SM EverySing karaoke). Jaejoong is surprised to being casted for the role. He has read the script and took the role, and said he will work hard for it.

“Postman of Heaven” is going to be produced by ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’ Lee Hyungmin PD and Writer Kitagawa Eriko who wrote “One Million Stars Falling from the Sky” staring Takuya Kimura. The drama is about a messenger who connects the Afterlife with the present world. He will be a mailman who is in charge of sending the death of a friend or family member (of a person) up to heaven. There will be a DVD of this mini-series.

Yunho mentions that Jaejoong was the first out of them to make a solo shot at career, and that in the larger framework they are still DBSK as a whole even when they are doing solo.

The drama is scheduled to be filmed as early as the 10th (October?).

Summary thanks to Google translator xD

Please note from this post that:
This isn’t one of those full dramas with 16 episodes or longer. Korean Producers and Japanese Writers are getting together and producing something called “Telecinema.” There will be 7 episodes each with a different story and Jaejoong will be coming out in the 1st episode. A TV version and movie version will be released, which will be 60 minutes and 120 minutes long respectively. There is no info on when this will air. – s@nbi@soompi

credits: 꽃소금@DNBN + fangirlmitz & lovetohateme
shared by: Delicieux@soompi
Aren’t they busy enough already?
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Cassiopeia Incomparable..

it’s true…the Cassies….don’t doubt their love for oppas,don’t think they’re just crazy fangirls stalking their oppas…they really love oppas…for everything…

here’s what they got for oppas as gifts during their Comeback Stage at Inkigayo…i can only say they’re really very sweet!!they bought many albums,packed food,made photobooks blah blah blah….
so considerate….recently,the Cassies also donated to a charity organisation in the name of Leader-sshi,U-Know Yunho!!super shocking!!a total of 20 million was donated!!my jaws almost dropped!!>.<
the packaging of the gifts are really pretty and it’s really shocking how much time and effort they took to make these!!
oh yes!!another matter!the Cassies even recorded an album for oppas….composed and produced by the Cassies themselves!!now we can see again the power of fangirls!

anyway,let’s look at the gifts!!


Lick.gif picture by tamyjaejoongPhotobucket


They were just super stalkers i tell you…

Why giving them their own albums?? 115-60.gif picture by tamyjaejoong 

u bought so many albums u should gv some to us!!    21b1c38e53abe0_full.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

the undies… its very sweet.. they bought Emporio Armani for them! 633f06fd7e83f0_medium.gif picture by tamyjaejoong kakakakakakakaka~

i think they’ll be very happy for having new undies..  th32.gif picture by tamyjaejoong  yunjae.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

so oppas… dont fight for undies again.. better like uknow oppa.. label ur undies!!!! kakaka~

so now u got new undies!! Jae oppa.. u dont have to wear JunSu’s S-line undies annymore.. LOL

– JiN

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Our Siggys… and GIFs..

i just wanted to put this so that every one reading our blog can know who is actually posting that..

and of course.. some are GIFs i made for our blog SPAMMING!!!! lol


Chib3h’s Siggy

chibisuke2.gif picture by scarl3tt_val3ntin3


JiN’s Siggy

lol.. i got a lot since i love to make it so much…

1.    siggy.jpg picture by tamyjaejoong

2.     sig.gif picture by tamyjaejoong 

3.   my-own-siggy.gif picture by tamyjaejoong 



1.   spam1.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

2.   spam2.gif picture by tamyjaejoong

3.   spam3.gif picture by tamyjaejoong



OMG!!!! there are so many~ lol

But i like your Siggy more…. NaNa…

i need to look for more JunSu.. kaka!!

Micky FTW..  i know micky is cute.. but i cant take it from a lot of ppl… lol

JunSu Dolphin!!!! IS MINE!!!! ROFL

Eun Ji Won Comeback!

Eun Ji Won plans to cause a commotion in the entertainment world in October. Eun Ji Won announced that he is currently in the process of working on a new album which will be released in October. This marks the singer’s comeback a year after his last release, “Love, Death, Introspection (사랑死랑思랑)” last year.

Eun Ji Won is certain he will go ahead with the release in October even though the title track is still being decided on. He will be confronting fierce competition with top stars Dong Bang Shin Gi, Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation who are also making their comeback in October.

On the 23rd Eun Ji Won’s representative told Newsen that, “There are plans to make a comeback in October,” and that “this time he’ll certainly show that he can’t be pushed around even with Rain and Dong Bang Shin Gi.”

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull


Seems like everyone is making a comback! Woot!

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I’m FINALLY back!


Unnie you’re so amazing~ Posting all those things must’ve been hard work… >_< Sorry I couldn’t help…

The Internet in my house wasn’t working and still isn’t by the way… So now I’m in Labuan playing with my bro’s com… Luckily he has Internet if not I die liao… >_<

The Moral thing I sent to our email liao… ^^

Hope many people will come and visit us!



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unnie… O_O I think I made too big~ 😛

^^ Welcome!!!

We have moved from our precious location (Korean Yahoo Blogs) to successfully. ^^ I for one am very happy and satisfied with the move. For those who have been to our previous blog, the posts will be moved to this new location as soon as we have enough free time. Also new stuff will be added so that more people will come and see us~ XD

Look forward to it because-

^^ You will definitely be seeing and hearing more of us!