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02.11.08 – Changmins UFO replies













Changmin’s replies are seriously funny!! Kekeke~ He’s so witty~ :3

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02.11.08 – Changmin’s UFO replies

Fan: I need to sleep early so I won’t be tired at school tomorrow…Tell me to sleep.. T_T
Changmin: Go to sleep…

Fan: Did Changmin oppa eat yet?
Changmin: Yep~

Fan: Oppa, when I was on the bus I saw a guy who had the same hair as Junsu oppa, haha, Junsu oppa really is the one who fits that hairstyle the most…?? Haha~
Changmin: Haha, ^^ Is it really like that?? ^^

Fan: Do you want this <3, or this ¡î?
Changmin: This…

Fan: I just came back from a late review, it’s so cold outside T__T
Changmin: The wind really is cold ^^

Fan: Oppa is really handsome!! If it’s like that, am I pretty?
Changmin: The direction of this question is kind of weird…?

Fan: Oppa, people who look like oppa in my class…none!
Changmin: Ah…;;;

Fan: Changmin oppa, how come you didn’t shake my hand yesterday at the Flower Lady event? T_T Is it because I didn’t buy you good food to eat? Haha~
Changmin: No;; I didn’t shake hands with anyone? I can’t give anyone special treatment…

Fan: Aha, really? You didn’t shake hands with anyone? I thought it was only me, thank you~
Changmin: You only didn’t do this with me…you only did this with me…throw away these kinds of thoughts~

Fan: I’ll marry Yoohun oppa in two years, wait for me… ><
Changmin: Does Yoochun hyung know about this..- _-

Fan: My stomach is really full, but my mouth is hungry…should I eat or not?
Changmin: Don’t eat, eating at night is bad for your body.

Fan: (sends over a picture of Changmin when he was little) How come you’re still exactly the same now…haha, so cute!
Changmin: Hahaha…

Fan: Oppa, I cooked lobster soup, do you want to marry me?
Changmin: This…people don’t judge marriage based on these kinds of things…

Fan: Changmin oppa, I got a UFO reply yesterday!!!
Changmin: Hahaha….

Fan: Ah, I really want a small dog…
Changmin: Discuss it with your parents…

Fan: Oppa! I miss you guys a lot, but I wasn’t picked…T__T I’m really sad and lonely T__T
Changmin: Fighting!

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: ÏÐÈË×é + Mr. TVXQ



Once again…. Changmin never fails to give witty responses~ lol~ ^^

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31.10.08 – Changmins UFO replies





Kekeke… Changmins replies are so adorable… ^^

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OMFG!!! ChangMin has a GIRLFRIEND!?

DBSK’s baby, Changmin confessed that he dated his first love after his debut during the KBS radio show “Hong Jin Kyung’s K-pop Plaza.”  The clever Shin Ki skirted all relevant questions that might reveal her identiy and just shared that she wasn’t a celebrity.

So, the question of the day – did you date Changmin when he was still a K-pop newbie?

credits tto:seoulbeats+candylimp.multiply


T^T aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~ NO WAY!!! He has a GF!? im so sad.. don’t even have chance anymore.. Jae got his first kiss, and he had a gf adi… GGRR!

OKAY! atleast now he won’t get laugh at just bcoz he never had a lover.. no wonder he can write those lyrics for “Love In The Ice” korean ver….

– JiN

Another random vid

This video shows Changmins good boy nature and OCDness… ^^ I think he’s the second person from Jae Joong who cares about cleanliness and orderliness… It looked like he had to clean up!


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MBC Radio TVXQ’s strengths and weaknesses



^^ Hehee~ Yoochuns one was funny~

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TVXQ Iple – 12.10.08

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I only found these so far… ^^ I’ll look for more… I’ve seen some but they aren’t iple posts… :/

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Fahrenheit want to work with DBSK

Recently Taiwanese band Fahrenheit were appointed Taiwan’s Goodwill Ambassadors for Tourism and held a press conference in Korea to attract markets there. At the conference they stated would like to work with DBSK in the future, like a joint performance. They commented on the sales of the new album being impressive and also how hardworking DBSK are for performing during the rain for their concert in Taiwan.

Also, they are both going to the Asia Song Festival on October 4th.

Source: DNBN
Translations by: Ringy@ soompi
Credits: lovetohateme
I don’t know what to make of this… I’m not into Fahrenheit or anything… But I do think they’re saying this so that they can get a piece of our oppas fans… To put it bluntly… I don’t like them, even if they did comment nicely to our oppas~
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DBSK take psychology test

DBSK takes a psychology test?

Popular group Dong bang Shin Ki, who have made their comeback after 1 year and 7 months gathered much new interest after taking a blood type based dating psychology test.

As part of the popular “Psychology break” corner of SBS Power FM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (something like Toho-psychology in Bigeaststation I presume), the Dong Bang boys took some time to take a psychology test.

In the test, the five boys had to look at some couples (I’m guessing either photos or short clips), before being asked which couple they liked the most. Micky Yoochun and Young Woong JaeJoong, both of type O blood chose “The couple who could communicate well with each other”. Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin, both of type B blood chose “The older woman, younger boy (Why does SHINee’s Noona you’re so pretty pop into my head XD) couple.” And lastly, U-Know Yunho of blood type A chose “The couple who got closer through fighting (as in arguing, etc – like a typical drama couple where it starts off with the girl hating the guy and vice versa, but in the end they both fall in love <3)”. The fact that those of the same blood type chose the same type of couple surprised and amused the Dong Bang boys, and in turn, their fans.

Micky Yoochun and Young Woong JaeJoong, both of O type blood explained that because they were introverts, they found it hard to approach the person they liked. However, once they like a person, they would love that person, and keep that love until the end. Choikang Changmin and Xiah Junsu revealed that if they love someone, they will love them without limits quickly, however, their love would have its romantic moments and non-romantic moments – in other words, ups and downs (translated literally, it would be something like their love would be ‘hot’ but it would cool down). From this, the members worried in a somewhat joking manner; “What if we someday disrupt Dong Bang Shin Ki’s schedule due to love?”

Lastly, U-Know Yunho revealed that once he fell in love with someone, he would push for a response from the person due to his tough personality. Due to this, many people had the response that Yunho would be the most likely to date his ideal girl.

Following the psychology corner, Dong Bang Shin Ki showed a less polished/practiced image which they didn’t show in other shows, to the delighted response of the audience. Choikang Changmin said, “I usually put the piece of pizza I’m eating on my hand and wait until everyone else has finished eating their pizza – and if they’ve left any, I eat that as well.” revealing an unexpected side of him. Young Woong JaeJoong, who the other Dong Bang Shin Ki members chose as the most fun to be around, once again showed his self-created unique vibration techniques (meaning vocal vibrations), as well as impersonations, transforming the audience into a sea of laughter.

At one point during the broadcast, “Dong Bang Shin Ki – Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” achieved a ranking of 1st and 2nd on search engines, making us feel the power of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s popularity.

Source: Yahoo Korea (…8e7&newssetid=5)
Translation Credits: Celestial_Crystal@TVXQ Australia & lovetohateme


This is so awesome~ Can’t wait to watch it!

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How many famous people do TVXQ! know?

 photoshootMiroticyuibkk006.jpg dbsk 1 image by samokayasu

Dong Bang Shin Gi who recently made their comeback with their 4th album, ‘Spell (MIROTIC)’ talked about the connections they’ve made in the entertainment world.

On KBS Cool FM, “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio” on the 29th of September, Dong Bang Shin Gi had their first radio broadcast since their comeback.

On that day, DJ Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk asked Micky Yoochun, “We know which Dong Bang Shin Gi member has the biggest feet [but] how many phone numbers of entertainment stars do you have?” To which, Micky Yoochun answered with a 28. Some of the people they contact often include SS501’s Hyun Joong, Epik High’s Tablo and Lee Hyori.

And when asked about the connections of other members, Xiah Junsu expressed, “We’ve been active for 6 years now but our connections are really very limited.”

On the day of the broadcast, as many as 80, 000 people listened and participated on the radio’s notice boards.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull


Lol… This was so adorable… But it’s hard to believe people as famous as them only know a few other famous stars!! What happened during all those shows?!

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