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Sexy Dolls — SNSD

whoa! i would say to SNSD.. i just love the dance! SNSD is performing Circus by Britney Spears(dancing) on the MBC “Show! MusicCore”. they are just awesome!

i love the dance so much.. im so going to learn it.. they show how sexy and cool they can be.. they are not only those cute dolls anymore.. now they are sexy girls! (but still can be cute girls.. ^^)

and another show in MBC.. i think maybe.. dance battle?

i just love it so much! SNSD Jjang! imma go learn dance~~


“R-eal”ly cute?

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R-eaL is a new idol group from Sponge Entertainment (same as Jang Woo Hyuk) that will debut this June. R-eaL consists of Yoon (25), Jin Woong (20), Chang Hyun (20), Insuk (20), Sang Il (18). Check out their profile below and more pics HERE>>>>

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They also did an interview on a Japanese variety program on May 29. Here are some highlights:

 # What sets apart R-eaL from the typical idol group?
Chang Hyun: What makes us different from the typical idol group is that our music has a J-POP feel to it. It’s a different feel to other Korean idol groups.
Jinwoong: Although we haven’t debuted yet, we have a lot of fans in the Phillipines, Thailand, and Japan. We have respective fan blogs and fan clubs. We gained fans since out trainee days.

… Jin woong is a student in the class of 2006 at Yonsei University (a very prestigious university in Korea), majoring in architectural engineering.

#Is there a group that is a role model?
… We want to be like Arashi, to get closer to our fans through acting and participating in variety shows.

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Source: Osen, Daum, Naver_guysdream, gtoprsww
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this is an old article i found… but.. i just found out but this group.. i never heard of it and they say that they’re more to Jpop.. since i’m not a Jperson.. i don’t know them.. i’m a Kperson and i didn’t even know them.. so, u can actually know how “famous”they are.. but i just wana share wif u guys coz.. atleast they look handsome.. better looking than 2PM.. LoL maybe you’ll get interested wif them, but i will still stick to DBSK..

they look like girls.. especially that blondy.. well.. i still think my JunSu is cuter~

*kidnapes JunSu*  346951416l.jpg picture by tamyjaejoong

– JiN

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I think this video is adorable~ XD He is so funneh~

This is hilarious… I honestly forgot how funny this was until I saw it again~ ^^



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아니야.. 근냥 안녕 말해 싶어….
여로분들… 안녕하습니까~  

이거는 우리 두리.. 가이 와 라나 입니다.
많이 사랑히 추세요~ 곡 기억 추세요..

지금은 가이 와 라나 의 블로그 입니다.


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