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OMFG!!! ChangMin has a GIRLFRIEND!?

DBSK’s baby, Changmin confessed that he dated his first love after his debut during the KBS radio show “Hong Jin Kyung’s K-pop Plaza.”  The clever Shin Ki skirted all relevant questions that might reveal her identiy and just shared that she wasn’t a celebrity.

So, the question of the day – did you date Changmin when he was still a K-pop newbie?

credits tto:seoulbeats+candylimp.multiply


T^T aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~ NO WAY!!! He has a GF!? im so sad.. don’t even have chance anymore.. Jae got his first kiss, and he had a gf adi… GGRR!

OKAY! atleast now he won’t get laugh at just bcoz he never had a lover.. no wonder he can write those lyrics for “Love In The Ice” korean ver….

– JiN