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DBSK take psychology test

DBSK takes a psychology test?

Popular group Dong bang Shin Ki, who have made their comeback after 1 year and 7 months gathered much new interest after taking a blood type based dating psychology test.

As part of the popular “Psychology break” corner of SBS Power FM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (something like Toho-psychology in Bigeaststation I presume), the Dong Bang boys took some time to take a psychology test.

In the test, the five boys had to look at some couples (I’m guessing either photos or short clips), before being asked which couple they liked the most. Micky Yoochun and Young Woong JaeJoong, both of type O blood chose “The couple who could communicate well with each other”. Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin, both of type B blood chose “The older woman, younger boy (Why does SHINee’s Noona you’re so pretty pop into my head XD) couple.” And lastly, U-Know Yunho of blood type A chose “The couple who got closer through fighting (as in arguing, etc – like a typical drama couple where it starts off with the girl hating the guy and vice versa, but in the end they both fall in love <3)”. The fact that those of the same blood type chose the same type of couple surprised and amused the Dong Bang boys, and in turn, their fans.

Micky Yoochun and Young Woong JaeJoong, both of O type blood explained that because they were introverts, they found it hard to approach the person they liked. However, once they like a person, they would love that person, and keep that love until the end. Choikang Changmin and Xiah Junsu revealed that if they love someone, they will love them without limits quickly, however, their love would have its romantic moments and non-romantic moments – in other words, ups and downs (translated literally, it would be something like their love would be ‘hot’ but it would cool down). From this, the members worried in a somewhat joking manner; “What if we someday disrupt Dong Bang Shin Ki’s schedule due to love?”

Lastly, U-Know Yunho revealed that once he fell in love with someone, he would push for a response from the person due to his tough personality. Due to this, many people had the response that Yunho would be the most likely to date his ideal girl.

Following the psychology corner, Dong Bang Shin Ki showed a less polished/practiced image which they didn’t show in other shows, to the delighted response of the audience. Choikang Changmin said, “I usually put the piece of pizza I’m eating on my hand and wait until everyone else has finished eating their pizza – and if they’ve left any, I eat that as well.” revealing an unexpected side of him. Young Woong JaeJoong, who the other Dong Bang Shin Ki members chose as the most fun to be around, once again showed his self-created unique vibration techniques (meaning vocal vibrations), as well as impersonations, transforming the audience into a sea of laughter.

At one point during the broadcast, “Dong Bang Shin Ki – Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” achieved a ranking of 1st and 2nd on search engines, making us feel the power of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s popularity.

Source: Yahoo Korea (…8e7&newssetid=5)
Translation Credits: Celestial_Crystal@TVXQ Australia & lovetohateme


This is so awesome~ Can’t wait to watch it!

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So Hee does it again!

Wonder Girls SoHee KPOP Korean Music

On September 30, So Hee filmed a cameo for episode 8 of MBC’s newest sitcom, “That Person is Coming” at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center. There was reportedly a mob of fans gathered on location just to see the Wonder Girls maknae.

Our cute dumpling appears opposite the main character Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Yong) as his first love: “Mal Hee”. The actor is probably extremely happy about having So Hee play his love interest. Evidently, Jung Jae Young has expressed his affection for the Wonder Girls, especially So Hee through his show, Jae Yong’s Pure 19.

So Hee made her debut as an actress in last year’s “I Like it Hot” movie. She could be a triple threat, but her talents in acting and dancing far exceed her skills in singing.

Anyway, in the sitcom, Jae Young asks his twin sister, Jae Suk, to set him up with his ideal girl: Wonder Girls’ So Hee. However, Jae Suk instead sets up a date between Jae Young and Mal Hee who looks exactly like So Hee. (O goodness~) Mal Hee agrees to the date because she wanted a little amusement and money (500 won (about 40 cents) – she’s easy and cheap, just how Johnny likes ’em). Producer Kwon Seok explains:

“[So Hee] falls for Jae Young’s appearance in one look, and though the two feel all this love, it becomes a love that they can’t keep.”

See why when the episode airs on October 15 at 7:45 pm (KST)

Credits : allkpop


Waa~ ^^

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Rain is coming!

Love story teaser


Magic Feet is back!


Not that the news of Rain’s return to the k-pop scene is anything new, but its officially official with the release of his new teaser video, entitled, “Love Story”. Ha Ji-Won also stars in the music video.

This will be his first album under his new company J Tune Entertainment. Magic Feet is actually using his brain for once.  He has cleaned up very nicely by getting rid of the ajumma hair style. However, with younger rivals such as DBSK and Big Bang behind his back,  he’ll have to keep on his toes to even think of competing with them. I guess coming back to Korea and speaking his native tongue has helped him regain some of his brain cells.

Our Magic Feet has a busy schedule coming up as well, with his new special debuting on the 10th, on M.Net Countdown on the 16th, and performing at the Lotte Family Concert 2 days later…it seems we are going to be seeing much more of the shrimp-eyed wonder.

In the end of the teaser, somehow once again Rain ends up bloody. Oh well, rather this then those nasty pictures from Ninja Assassin floating around the internet.

More pictures and a longer teaser will be released October 2, 2008 but check out what has been released.

Credits : Popseoul


Why the hell does Rain have a nickname like magic feet I have no idea~ It’s so silly~ Whatever~ Looking forward to it!

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Big Bang’s Number 1 preview

Set to release on October 22, Big Bang’s first Japanese album will feature “Number 1.”

Credits : seoulfull and YBGY (vid)


Love the song… They sound great singing English…. Makes me anticipate their upcoming album more~ ^^ Bet it’s gonna be a hit!

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Eun Ji Won Comeback!

Eun Ji Won plans to cause a commotion in the entertainment world in October. Eun Ji Won announced that he is currently in the process of working on a new album which will be released in October. This marks the singer’s comeback a year after his last release, “Love, Death, Introspection (사랑死랑思랑)” last year.

Eun Ji Won is certain he will go ahead with the release in October even though the title track is still being decided on. He will be confronting fierce competition with top stars Dong Bang Shin Gi, Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation who are also making their comeback in October.

On the 23rd Eun Ji Won’s representative told Newsen that, “There are plans to make a comeback in October,” and that “this time he’ll certainly show that he can’t be pushed around even with Rain and Dong Bang Shin Gi.”

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull


Seems like everyone is making a comback! Woot!

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SNSD ‘Factory Girl’ comeback

Getting ready to reveal their new album in October, SNSD will first make their official comeback to TV shows. SNSD will return to TV on cable channel MNet’s new reality show “Factory Girl” (PD Kwon Youngchan).

“Factory Girl” will be the Korean reality version of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, with the nine SNSD members taking on the role of fashion editors for a magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults.


SNSD became the editors for the fashion magazine “Elle Girl” and will show the reality of the fashion world to the tv audience. In addition, they are also expected to introduce a variety of fashion items to the audience.

PD Kwon Youngchan, who is the director in charge, said “Instead of simply saying that Factory Girl is a reality show with SNSD as the main characters, it is rather a program combining reality, trends and celebrity”, adding “please look forward to seeing a new side of SNSD as fashion editors”.

Factory Girl will premiere on October 8th at 6PM.

Credits : NoCut News and Boxclub@ & sookyeong


I’m not an avid SNSD fan but i thought you’d like this unnie~ ^^

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Big Bang 1#

Big Bang won the #1 place on Music Bank on 26th September.

They were the #1 and #2 positions on the K Chart for the month of September with their 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’, pushing SHINee down from the #1 and #2 position on the chart.


Also on this episode of MuBank, Big Bang performed 2 songs ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Heaven’ off the minialbum.

With this, Big Bang has thus far achieved 12 #1 positions on music broadcast programs after their comeback – 4 consecutive #1 on Music Bank, 3 consecutive #1 on Inkigayo, 3 consecutive #1 position on M!Countdown amongst them.

Big Bang also did a breakthrough of album sales of 100,000 copies for this minialbum.

Being awarded the #1 position for the month of September on Music Bank KChart, Big Bang said, “We are feeling very good now. This is our last stage on Music Bank and it is an honour to win the #1 position. Thank you everyone for the love you gave to us.”

Big Bang will end their 3rd minialbum activities with their last performance on MBC Music Core coming 27th September before doing their promotional activities in Japan. They will be back with a new Korean album in November.

On another hand, on this episode of Music Bank, members TOP and GDragon took on the role as a 1-day MC to the show with Seo In Young.

Credits : sookyeong



^^ Honestly I think it’s cool we get to see them MCing….

Unnie!!! This means that we get to see them MCing!!!! Waaaaarrrgghhh~~~ Long time again… >_<

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Mirotic album piccies!

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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback 4th album offline sales has finally began.

Long queues of fans were seen outside Seoul GyeoBoMoon Centre early in the morning on 27th September, waiting to get their copies of ‘MIROTIC’.

The last time such a queue was seen at the same place is when Seo TaiJi’s 8th album single offline sales began on 29th July, there were about 100 over fans waiting to get their hands on that album then.

The super long line waiting for the album

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Credits : Sookyeong tvxqslove@imeem


I envy these lucky fans…. I want that album!!!!

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