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SNSD going up for their 8th win

So Nyeo Shi Dae has once again risen up to the #1 spot on KBS Music Bank K Chart on 27th February.

This makes them the winner with the longest running consecutive wins on the chart with 7 consecutive #1.

They first had won #1 on the chart with the title song ‘Gee’ from their first minialbum on 16th Janaury. They have also broken the record set by group Jewelry last year with the song ‘One More Time’ that also won 7 consecutive #1 on the chart. When receiving over their award, the girls were tearing with happiness.

All eyes will be set on the girls as to whether they will be able to get their 8th consecutive win on the chart next week, furthering acing the record that they have broken on the show. Especially when there is all the talk about the absence of any strong competitor at this time to the girls.

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31.10.08 – Lee Hyo Ri’s solo concert

Singer Lee Hyori will be holding her first ever solo concert, 10 years after her debut, on 20th December in Seoul JamSil Stadium. And the extravagant sum of 300 million won of production cost for her concert has got people talking.

It was announced on 31st October that Hyori has requested for the best concert stage, costumes and system, and which the production company then quoted the high cost of 300 million won.

Hyori has also promised to show fans that she is the performing queen of the Kpop realm.

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Rain eats dog food

 Rain Bi Likes Dog Food

Singer and actor Bi (Rain) has a taste for Kibbles ‘n Bits.

Bi disclosed this bizarre information on KBS show “Sang Sang Plus – Season 2.” He revealed that he turns aggressive when someone seems to want what he’s eating. He stated that his possessiveness over food has even driven him to eat dog food and that he disliked it when his girlfriend left food on her plate. Upon forcing her to eat one more spoonful, she even vomited.

Yes, this dog food eating, vomit inducing (literally) man has swept fan girls off their feet.

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Heh? What the hell?

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