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SNSD going up for their 8th win

So Nyeo Shi Dae has once again risen up to the #1 spot on KBS Music Bank K Chart on 27th February.

This makes them the winner with the longest running consecutive wins on the chart with 7 consecutive #1.

They first had won #1 on the chart with the title song ‘Gee’ from their first minialbum on 16th Janaury. They have also broken the record set by group Jewelry last year with the song ‘One More Time’ that also won 7 consecutive #1 on the chart. When receiving over their award, the girls were tearing with happiness.

All eyes will be set on the girls as to whether they will be able to get their 8th consecutive win on the chart next week, furthering acing the record that they have broken on the show. Especially when there is all the talk about the absence of any strong competitor at this time to the girls.

Credits: sookyeong


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DBSK Won Wonder Girls!!!


Nobody (Wonder Girl)
Record 1775 points
3460 points, the audience rating
6355 points digital music
= 11590 points total

Order-MIROTIC (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
10648 points record
Audience rating points, 3287
2468 points digital music
= 16403 points total

Love in the Ice (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
10648 points record
2273 points, the audience rating
Digital music 284 points
= 13205 points total

NEWS is OUT!~ DBSK wins the integrated October month charts as NUMBER 1!!!~

WhOo~ they won!! they got no. 1!!! dbsk Jjang!! they got both no. 1 and 2.. so happy. im flying now~ i wonder if you all already see this or not?

– JiN