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Tell Me Why – Untouchable

another new group name “untouchable” had released their new album – Quiet Storm.

this album features the title song – Tell me why..

i like the song very much.. its kinda catchy.. i think the song will be up on the charts very soon~

the MV is featuring HwaYoung..

Artists: Untouchable feat. Hwayoung
Title: Tell Me Why
Album: vol.1 Quiet Storm
Release Date: Jan 2009

~Back in Oct 2008, Untouchable collaborated w/ Park Hwayobi for the song “It’s Okay”. It was used as the themesong of Hwayobi and Hwanhee for the variety show WGM^.^

another MV is Its Okay by Untouchable feat. Hwayobi

so.. are they still “untouhcable” ? LoL me..

– JiN

After School — Ah [full mv]

Seriously. Ga Hee is one sexy leader. After seeing these ladies group one another on stage during the end of the year Gayo shows just a few weeks ago, After School has finally released a full MV for their debut single, ‘Ah’. Ah? Ah.


A bunch of pretty ladies, don’t you think? Legal and sexy. What a nice change. Refreshing considering all those self-proclaimed ahjussi fans of all those cutesy little girl groups that instill Lolita comlexes into anything and everything they can get a hold of are pretty much everywhere nowadays. I’ve been looking for something sexy and edgy for a while now, since Hyori is a no show. These ladies are heating up the stage in a way no other idol girl group can.

The song itself is nothing special. The concept is nice and a lot edgier than anything around right now in Kpop. Very Pussycat Dolls. It’s all good I guess, they are trying to be Korea’s PCD. They’re doing a pretty good job so far. The only thing I commend these girls for over their American counterparts is that it’s not just centered around the leader. Looking forward to more of After School.


i’m sure they are super tall.. they look super tall.. SUPER tall..

gahee.. i dono which one.. anyway.. the song is addictive.. duri~ ah~~ xD

hwaiting!! uploads? later~~

– JiN

[HQ]Big Bang – Sunset Glow MV

Credits: hintingyou


This MV is really happy…. It’s like a step back from their usually club-like videos…. O_O But I still think DIrty Cash is still their happiest video…^^

Go to Any2downloads to download this video!

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BoA’s MV – Eat You Up [EDIT]

Boa’s U.S. release of the single, “Eat you up” on iTunes, the largest online music service, has garnered positive reviews with an average rating of 4.5 / 5 (total 90 reviews) on October 22nd. But checking out the supportive reviews, the people who most likely wrote them are already interested in Korean pop culture…

It will definitely take more time before the rest of America picks it up.

The offline release of “Eat You Up” is slated for November 2008 in the U.S.

Credits : popseoul

Download (Video)

Download (Mp3)



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See Ya – Hot Girl MV


I think it’s a cool transformation~ From all those slow songs to a song with kewl beats~ ^^ 2 thumbs up!

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Big Bang 1#

Big Bang won the #1 place on Music Bank on 26th September.

They were the #1 and #2 positions on the K Chart for the month of September with their 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’, pushing SHINee down from the #1 and #2 position on the chart.


Also on this episode of MuBank, Big Bang performed 2 songs ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Heaven’ off the minialbum.

With this, Big Bang has thus far achieved 12 #1 positions on music broadcast programs after their comeback – 4 consecutive #1 on Music Bank, 3 consecutive #1 on Inkigayo, 3 consecutive #1 position on M!Countdown amongst them.

Big Bang also did a breakthrough of album sales of 100,000 copies for this minialbum.

Being awarded the #1 position for the month of September on Music Bank KChart, Big Bang said, “We are feeling very good now. This is our last stage on Music Bank and it is an honour to win the #1 position. Thank you everyone for the love you gave to us.”

Big Bang will end their 3rd minialbum activities with their last performance on MBC Music Core coming 27th September before doing their promotional activities in Japan. They will be back with a new Korean album in November.

On another hand, on this episode of Music Bank, members TOP and GDragon took on the role as a 1-day MC to the show with Seo In Young.

Credits : sookyeong



^^ Honestly I think it’s cool we get to see them MCing….

Unnie!!! This means that we get to see them MCing!!!! Waaaaarrrgghhh~~~ Long time again… >_<

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Epik High’s new MV & album

Their new MV is finally released. Sources say that the girl vocal is Taru…. I don’t know how true that is but I like the MV and the song~ Hope it’s up for download! 😛


Epik High was in Seoul GangNam ApGooJung CGV for their new album ‘LOVE SCREAM’ showcase on 30th September.

The title song ‘1 minute 1 second’ was actually the love experience of frontman Tablo, he revealed that a lot of memories had came back when they practise on the song.

Credits : sookyeong


I’m sure that the album is awesome!!!! Lol, I hope it does well~ ^^

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