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Wonder Girls advance to US as actresses

WonderGirls will be advancing into American in 2009 as actresses and not just as singers.

WonderGirls were at PIFF on 4th October in Busan. They said, “Even though Wondergirls are participating as singers today, next year we will be involved in a big project in America possibly as actresses .”

And leader SunYe said, “We are currently preparing for a big project in America right now. With so much interest and concern for SoHee’s appearance in movie ‘I Like It Hot’, there are also plans for us in America next year.”

After that, a JYP representative said, “We are preparing for WonderGirls to advance into America not only as singers but also possibly as actresses next year. And Park Jin Young will be leading the girls, though much more cannot be revealed until we have finalised with the plan at a later stage.”


Fahrenheit want to work with DBSK

Recently Taiwanese band Fahrenheit were appointed Taiwan’s Goodwill Ambassadors for Tourism and held a press conference in Korea to attract markets there. At the conference they stated would like to work with DBSK in the future, like a joint performance. They commented on the sales of the new album being impressive and also how hardworking DBSK are for performing during the rain for their concert in Taiwan.

Also, they are both going to the Asia Song Festival on October 4th.

Source: DNBN
Translations by: Ringy@ soompi
Credits: lovetohateme
I don’t know what to make of this… I’m not into Fahrenheit or anything… But I do think they’re saying this so that they can get a piece of our oppas fans… To put it bluntly… I don’t like them, even if they did comment nicely to our oppas~
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Cassies to release an album~















Amazing these cassies! As always~ XD

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DBSK Downloads

This is Kiss the Baby Sky preview and Mirotic (Japanese version) which is seriously clearer than the other versions I’ve listened to..


Kiss the Baby Sky (preview)

Mirotic (Japanese ver)

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Jae Joong accepts drama role

12219854151051vu3.jpg Jae Joong image by suzini_sae


Jaejung hero acting challenge, “given a shot/chance to working at acting”

Networks, a joint venture in Japan, will be making a Tele Cinema and first episode is Postman of Heaven. It is a joint drama project of Japan and South Korea. Jaejoong had been interviewed on the 24th (of September? It says something about SM EverySing karaoke). Jaejoong is surprised to being casted for the role. He has read the script and took the role, and said he will work hard for it.

“Postman of Heaven” is going to be produced by ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’ Lee Hyungmin PD and Writer Kitagawa Eriko who wrote “One Million Stars Falling from the Sky” staring Takuya Kimura. The drama is about a messenger who connects the Afterlife with the present world. He will be a mailman who is in charge of sending the death of a friend or family member (of a person) up to heaven. There will be a DVD of this mini-series.

Yunho mentions that Jaejoong was the first out of them to make a solo shot at career, and that in the larger framework they are still DBSK as a whole even when they are doing solo.

The drama is scheduled to be filmed as early as the 10th (October?).

Summary thanks to Google translator xD

Please note from this post that:
This isn’t one of those full dramas with 16 episodes or longer. Korean Producers and Japanese Writers are getting together and producing something called “Telecinema.” There will be 7 episodes each with a different story and Jaejoong will be coming out in the 1st episode. A TV version and movie version will be released, which will be 60 minutes and 120 minutes long respectively. There is no info on when this will air. – s@nbi@soompi

credits: 꽃소금@DNBN + fangirlmitz & lovetohateme
shared by: Delicieux@soompi
Aren’t they busy enough already?
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Actress Choi Jinsil suicide


Choi Jin-sil, a famous South Korean actress, was found dead at her home in what appears to be a suicide, Yonhap News reported quoting police sources Thursday.

Choi’s mother found the actress with an elastic band around her neck tied to a shower stall in her home in southern Seoul, officers at the Seocho Police Station said.

“We confirmed her death at 7:38 a.m. after receiving a call that Ms. Choi committed suicide,” a police officer was quoted as saying.

Police have been investigating rumors that linked Choi to the recent suicide of another actor, Ahn Jae-hwan, in early September. Rumors circulated that she had lent a large amount of money to Ahn whose debt was mounting from a failing business.

Choi, 40, had since sought a police probe into the source of the rumors, calling them groundless. Investigators arrested a woman, a securities company employee, this week for spreading the rumors.

Choi, one of South Korea’s top actresses, whose marriage to pro baseball player Cho Sung-min ended in an ugly divorce in 2004, is survived by two children.

Source: Korea Times
Picture Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull


R.I.P Choi Jinsil~

Rain is coming!

Love story teaser


Magic Feet is back!


Not that the news of Rain’s return to the k-pop scene is anything new, but its officially official with the release of his new teaser video, entitled, “Love Story”. Ha Ji-Won also stars in the music video.

This will be his first album under his new company J Tune Entertainment. Magic Feet is actually using his brain for once.  He has cleaned up very nicely by getting rid of the ajumma hair style. However, with younger rivals such as DBSK and Big Bang behind his back,  he’ll have to keep on his toes to even think of competing with them. I guess coming back to Korea and speaking his native tongue has helped him regain some of his brain cells.

Our Magic Feet has a busy schedule coming up as well, with his new special debuting on the 10th, on M.Net Countdown on the 16th, and performing at the Lotte Family Concert 2 days later…it seems we are going to be seeing much more of the shrimp-eyed wonder.

In the end of the teaser, somehow once again Rain ends up bloody. Oh well, rather this then those nasty pictures from Ninja Assassin floating around the internet.

More pictures and a longer teaser will be released October 2, 2008 but check out what has been released.

Credits : Popseoul


Why the hell does Rain have a nickname like magic feet I have no idea~ It’s so silly~ Whatever~ Looking forward to it!

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Big Bang’s Number 1 preview

Set to release on October 22, Big Bang’s first Japanese album will feature “Number 1.”

Credits : seoulfull and YBGY (vid)


Love the song… They sound great singing English…. Makes me anticipate their upcoming album more~ ^^ Bet it’s gonna be a hit!

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Korean ‘Hana Yori Dango’ casted?


The veil has been lifted.

The F4 members to Korean ‘Hana Yori Dango’ has been confirmed – Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun.


Japan’s popular original manga-turned-drama “Hana Yori Dango” aka “Boys Over Flowers” has casted Lee Min Ho – Kim Hyun Joong – Kim Bum – Kim Jun as the F4 (Flower 4) for the Korean version of the drama.

The drama’s producers, Group 8, revealed through press releases on the morning of the 2nd, who the four main lead males were going to be.

Lee Min Ho will play the Japanese manga role of “Tsukasa” aka “Goo Joon Pyo.” The character of Goo Joon Pyo will be the heir to the Shinhwa Group Enterprises and the leader of the F4. Lee Min Ho has already participated in the drama “Run Mackeral”, “I am Sam”, and the movie “Our School’s ET.” The production company explained that Lee Min Ho was casted for his dark-lined face and his height which towers over 180cm.

Romantic and Quirky young man “Yoon Ji Hoo” (Rui in the original Japanese version) will be played by SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong was cast the earliest out of the main 4 and has received acting training since then. With the announcement of the casting news, there has been many comments about how he fits the role.

The remaining two F4 members “Seo Lee Jung” and “Song Woo Bin” (Soujiro and Akira in the original Japanese version) will be played by talent Kim Bum and boy band T-Max’s Kim Jun.

“Hana Yori Dango” is about a poor, but bright high school student named “Tsukushi” who attends an exclusive high school where only the rich go. She ends up having encounters with the bachelor F4 and experiences love and friendship in his romance manga. It has been running for 11 years in Japan with 36 books. The books have sold 5.8 million copies to date (I’m not 100% on the number…)

The manga has been translated into English, French, and Spanish with 14 other languages translated and the manga has been made into a drama in Japan and Taiwan. The actors cast as the F4 in both versions of the drama have been skyrocketed into fame and there has been a lot of interest in who the Korean cast of the F4 would be because of this trend.

The Korean version of Boys Over Flowers will begin in December and will have 24 episodes.


Credits : sookyeong & seoulfull (the 2nd pic)


Hmmm~ Personally, I’m excited about this and also a little bit nervous…. I’m wondering how all of it will play out~ ^^

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Epik High New Album {DOWNLOAD}

Here’s the link!



Cred: YWH@livejournal and sapphirebluelove



Weee~ Love this!

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24th Single「呪文-MIROTIC-」 the kanji words mean Spell


24th Single「呪文-MIROTIC-」 the kanji words mean Spell

¥1,680(tax in)

¥840(tax in)
2008.10.15 On Sale
「魅かれてく 溺れてく 君はもう 抜け出せない」

¥1,680(tax in)

呪文(日本語ver.)(Less Vocal)


¥840(tax in)

どうして君を好きになってしまってしまったんだろう?- THE LEVEL remix –
呪文(日本語ver.) (Less Vocal)

Credits : Gwak Wi Gun@ imeem


Honestly, I can’t read Jap characters but I’m excited abt this~ ^^

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TVXQ! Supports BoA’s expansion into America~


Group TVXQ revealed they they will be rooting together for BoA’s advancement into the American market in an interview held on the 24th at Seoul Apgujong.

“What will the result be,” pondered the five members, but they were all in agreement that she “will come out of it successful” conveying what they thought of their fellow colleague.

“We are cheering for her,” said Xiah Junsu. And regarding her future he added, “I hope that it sends her status soaring.” Young Woong Jae Joong also stating, “I hope to find my way onto the same road that Sunbae (Senior) is taking.”

U-Know Yunho pointed out that, “BoA is a very hardworking singer, didn’t she overcome her difficulties and win over Japan,” and that it will be a good influence for BoA when she enters America.

Choi Kang Chang Min, “We may not know the American Music Market that well but with BoA’s hard work she can do it.”

Although, the group had reservations themselves when asked, “Doesn’t Dong Bang Shin Gi also wish to advance to America?” With a flat out denial, Xiah Junsu said, “We’re not thinking of something like that right now,” as well as U-Know Yunho, “I’ve missed Korea very much and because of that wish to stay active here.”

Source: My Daily
Credit: seoulfull


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SNSD ‘Factory Girl’ comeback

Getting ready to reveal their new album in October, SNSD will first make their official comeback to TV shows. SNSD will return to TV on cable channel MNet’s new reality show “Factory Girl” (PD Kwon Youngchan).

“Factory Girl” will be the Korean reality version of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, with the nine SNSD members taking on the role of fashion editors for a magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults.


SNSD became the editors for the fashion magazine “Elle Girl” and will show the reality of the fashion world to the tv audience. In addition, they are also expected to introduce a variety of fashion items to the audience.

PD Kwon Youngchan, who is the director in charge, said “Instead of simply saying that Factory Girl is a reality show with SNSD as the main characters, it is rather a program combining reality, trends and celebrity”, adding “please look forward to seeing a new side of SNSD as fashion editors”.

Factory Girl will premiere on October 8th at 6PM.

Credits : NoCut News and Boxclub@ & sookyeong


I’m not an avid SNSD fan but i thought you’d like this unnie~ ^^

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Mirotic 1# after 3 days release (Dosirak Chart)

Dong Bang Shin Ki who is coming back with their 4th album has already occupied the #1 position online on Dosirak chart.

With their album release just round the corner, the title track to the album ‘MIROTIC’ which was released on 19th September top Dosirak HOT100 chart for as of 22nd September, just 3 days after it was revealed. Other than Dosirak, response to the song is explosive as can be seen with its strong position on other music charts like Melon, JukeOn  and etc.

Dong Bang Shin Ki spoke up about this, “We are very grateful to everyone for showing such great interests to our4th album. Please look forward to our comeback stage.”

Also on 21st September, Dong Bang Shin Ki held their ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki Autumn Mini concert’ in Seoul ShiCheong which saw a red sea of 25,000 fans present was also a huge success.

Credits : Sookyeong


Has anyone noticed that all the news I’m getting is from sookyeong? Well, the girl is awesome~ She always keeps up to date…. I gotta give her some props… ^^

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Mirotic album piccies!

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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback 4th album offline sales has finally began.

Long queues of fans were seen outside Seoul GyeoBoMoon Centre early in the morning on 27th September, waiting to get their copies of ‘MIROTIC’.

The last time such a queue was seen at the same place is when Seo TaiJi’s 8th album single offline sales began on 29th July, there were about 100 over fans waiting to get their hands on that album then.

The super long line waiting for the album

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Credits : Sookyeong tvxqslove@imeem


I envy these lucky fans…. I want that album!!!!

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The GODS are Back!

Gods of the East, Dong Bang Shin Ki had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo on 28th September.

On this episode of Inkigayo, they not only performed the title song ‘MIROTIC’ of their comeback 4th album but also ‘Love in the ice’ and ‘Hey!’.

They definitely delivered a heated performance, the members all looked hot and the live performance is good as always.

‘Love in the ice’ was, in my opinion, the best performance today. >.< Love it loads.

After their comeback stage, the episode with Dong Bang Shin Ki as star guests on SBS ‘Chocolate’ will be aired on 1st October at 12.30pm.

Mirotic Perf

HEY! perf

Love in the Ice (korean) perf

Credits : Sookyeong


The author of this DBSK news doesn’t like Micky’s hair… T_T But I think it’s adorable!~

Micky Fighting!

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Mirotic Album 1# just after 2 days release


Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki has topped the monthly album sales chart in just 2 days into the release of their 4th official album ‘MIROTIC’.

SM Entertainment said on 29th September, “They released their 4th album on 26th and it went up to the number 1 position on the daily chart, and in 2 days, they rose up to #1 on both the weekly chart and the monthly album sales chart.”

The preorders for the album had a breakthrough of 330,000 copies, and due to production delays, the release of the album was delayed from 24th to 26th September.

On the other hand, Dong Bang Shin Ki had their comeback stage on 28th September on SBS Inkigayo performing ‘MIROTIC’, ‘Hey!’ and ‘Love in the ice’. And they will appear on Mnet M!Countdown on 2nd October and on KBS Music Bank on 3rd October.

“Their comeback is like one of the best things that happened in weeks. ^^”


Credits : Sookyeong


“Mirotic” is the title track for Dong-bang-shin-ki (DBSK) from their new 4th album. Origins of the song are international. Danish songwriting team, Remee/Troelsen helped to write. The duo incidentially also had a hand in Boa’s new salaciously titled track, “Eat you up”. And Kenny Wormald, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown will do the choreography.

The title is actually derived from the Chinese character or Hanja, “miro’ which means labyrinth and the English suffix “tic.”

DSBK’s fresh track will be sold at online music sites (Korea) on September 19th.


Dong Bang Shin Ki is finally back with their 4th album ‘Mirotic’ after 1 year and 7months.

The album, which is set to be released on the 24th, was first revealed to the fans on various music site on 19th September, receiving overwhelming response from fans.

The 4th album includes the Reverse beat track title song ‘MIROTIC’ amongst 11 other songs of genre R&B, ballad and Jazz. What was also special for their album is that there are 2 songs which members Xiah JunSu and Max ChangMin did the lyrics to.

Xiah JunSu did the lyrics for the pop ballad ‘노을…바라보다’ while Max ChangMin did the Korean lyrics to the song ‘Love in the Ice’ which was also collected in their 3rd Japanese album ‘T’. Also member Hero JaeJoong did a rap for the first time in the song ‘Wrong Number’ amongst the many things to look forward to in the album.


On the other hand, Dong Bang Shin Ki will doing their album showcase ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki Autumn Mini Concert‘ on 21st September in Seoul ShiCheon.


Credits: obsessionsunlimited & sookyeong



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