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Brand New Day – Salmanhae

this is a new girl group since January 2009.. and the already released their mini album on the 7th on January.

(which i dono coz im looking for Gee that time.. i just found out..)

the mini album title is Lady Garden and here are some info..

Trio Info :
Kim Su Ji – 20 years
Kim Su Jin – 19 years
Lee Su Jin – 20 years

(cute!! so many sujin.. kaka.. SuJin= JunSu+Jin  >w< )

Singer : Brand New Day
Mini Album : LADY GARDEN
Date : 9 January 2008

Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. 사랑은 없다
03. 살만해
04. 헌신짝
05. 뽀뽀
06. 꿈속의 나오미
07. 살만해 (Instrumental)

and here is the video salmanhae (livable)..

i’ll try my best to look for the album kay? if i got it i will upload..

– JiN